NEW USSD short code *347*5# SERVICE


We here at Grimaldi and PTML continue to find innovative solutions to boost customer experiences. And in that spirit, we have noticed that a large number of customers continue to call our customer care line for basic information like vessel ETA, rotation numbers parking slots even though they are all available on our webpage. We surveyed to identify the reason from our customers and realized that not everyone has access to the webpage all the time. However, they do have their phones with them and find it easier to make that small call to get this information.

We are therefore pleased to introduce a new and first of its kind USSD short code *347*5# to provide our services. Simply dial this number from any phone with or without Data and receive live information 24×7 all year round.

Below four services have been introduced in this first phase on this platform with an intention to expand further in near future.

  1. Shipping Info: Provides Vsl/Voy, ETA, Rotation number, status and parking slot for a BL number.
  2. Refund Request: Apply for container deposit refund.
  3. Waiver request: Apply for waiver
  4. Parking slot: Input last 6 digits of the chassis number to get parking slot.

We therefore encourage and urge customers to call customer care line below only to log complaints and service request that are not available online or through above service.

Please contact our customer care center for issues.

Email us at [email protected] and/or Call us on 070044446666