At Tin Can Island Port, NDLEA Issues Scorecard, Intercepts 28,622.389kg of Canadian Loud, Other Illicit Drugs


Buba Marwa, Chairman of NDLEA


The National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) Tincan Special Area Command has said that it has intensified War on Maritime Drug Trafficking in Nigeria.

In commemoration of the 2024 United Nations Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking, the NDLEA Special Area Command Tincan reaffirms its unwavering commitment to the global fight against the scourge of drug trafficking, particularly in the maritime domain.

According to the Commander of Narcotics, Tin Can Command of NDLEA, Mohammed Aminu Abubakar, since the beginning of 2024, the NDLEA Special Area Command Tincan has undertaken a series of robust operations and interventions that have significantly disrupted the activities of drug trafficking syndicates operating along the coastlines and maritime corridors.

Key achievements of the command from January to June, 2024 include:

– 21 arrests of suspected drug traffickers out of which 14 are indicted and currently on trial before a federal high court in Lagos.

– Seizure of approximately 28,622.389 kilograms of various illicit drugs, including cannabis indica or Canadian loud weighing 2, 232.999 kilograms, which is an increase of 261.9% of the total seizures recorded by the command last year.
Included also is seizure of Heroin weighing 79.39 kilograms, and 26,310 kilograms of Barcadin cough syrups with codeine (i.e., 175,400 bottles 100ml each).

Included also is monetary exhibit of six million naira being a bribe money offered by suspect to thwart the seizure of 7.5 kg of Canadian loud from a container MSMU 7294325.

– Impoundment of several vehicles and containers used to conceal the suspected drugs smuggling activities.

“The most notable specific seizures and arrests of the command came from the containers: MSCU4581770 and TRHU7968071 from which a combined seizure of Heroin weighing 56.39, which is the highest single seizure of heroin ever recorded in the maritime domain in Nigeria, and cannabis indica weighing 987.9kg called Canadian loud.

“Both containers came from Durban South Africa and were declared as personal effects, and we apprehended 3 suspects in connection with the seizure, all the suspects are still on trial before a federal high court in Lagos.

“The NDLEA Tincan command also made a single seizure of 1,072kg of cannabis indica from the container GAOU6699215 shipped from Montreal Canada and falsely declared as containing merely 3 units of used vehicles.

“Similarly, the command made seizure of 23kg of heroin from a container MSDU5008365 declared as containing personal effects and arrest of 4 suspects in relation to it.

“The Tincan NDLEA Special Area Command remains resolute in its mission to deny criminal elements the ability to exploit our maritime domain for their nefarious activities,” Commander Abubakar said

Continuing, he said “We will continue to work closely with our national and international partners to strengthen interdiction capabilities, share intelligence, and collectively dismantle the intricate networks of drug trafficking organizations.”

“The command will continue to appreciate and commend the tireless efforts of its men and women who have demonstrated unwavering dedication and professionalism in executing the command’s mandate.

“These achievements are a testament to the steadfast commitment of our personnel in safeguarding our maritime borders and protecting our communities from the devastating impact of illicit drugs,”

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