Poverty Alleviation: Bomarah Foundation Opens Wealth Opportunities for Nigerian Students


Hajia Bola Muse, Founder and President, Bomarah Foundation


Bomarah Foundation, a philanthropic and Non-government organisation on Monday 27th May, 2024 held a conference at the Rockview Hotel in Apapa Lagos, with the aim opening up vistas of opportunities for the less privileged Nigerians and a growing population of impressionable young men and women who are at a sensitive and critical junction of their lives.

Hajia Bola Muse (left) and Chairman ENL Consortium, Princess Vicky Haastrup at the Bomarah Foundation Heal and Build Confidence conference in Lagos

The event was graced by Chairman, ENL Terminal and Chairperson, Seaport Terminal Operators Association of Nigeria (STOAN) Princess Vicky Haastrup, former Director of Special Duties at Nigerian Maritime Administration and Safety Agency (NIMASA) Hajia Lami Tumaka, Angela Ajala, Ify Nwakesi, invited schools among other notable figures.

Founder and President of Bomarah Foundation, Hajia Bola Muse noted that the conference with the Theme: Heal and Build Confidence; is targeted at mentoring youths on how to identify and tread the path to success and posterity in the overall benefit of Nigeria.

According to her Bomarah Foundation has trained several young ones including artisans in tailoring, hair dressing among others, and have paid school fees and given out scholarships to countless indigent students.

“But at this junction, and moving with the trends, we have stepped up technically and intellectually and resolved to strike the iron when it is hot, to teach people how to catch fish, rather than spoon feeding them.

“This conference will provide lifelines in grooming good and responsible citizen through incisive lectures, admonition and genuine life changing mentoring of our young ones.

Hajia Muse addressing the invited students

“The theme of this conference, HEAL AND BUILD CONFIDENCE is a furtherance of our Vision which is to create an all inclusive society devoid of poverty and prejudice.

“This conference has invited you to put heads together and from the depth of your hearts, help intellectually, morally and financially to crystallise this goal of building an egalitarian, poverty free Nigerian society. Achieving that begins with youth mentoring” she said

Continuing, Hajia Bola Muse said Bomarah Foundation aims to level up with other notable foundations around the world, including the Bill and Mellinda Gates Foundation, Femi Otedola Foundation, TY Danjuma Foundation among others.

“The Theme and subject of this conference is Heal and Build Confidence. How do we go about achieving this? How do we heal the sick, or help the physically challenged, or the psychologically tormented, the indigent and the under privileged people in our society? It was finding a panacea to these searing challenges that informed the founding of Bomarah Foundation.

“Every body loves the good life which the government desires for us all. I do. I know you do. But the government is clearly incapable of shouldering and meeting all of our needs and yearnings. Society needs supporting organisations, entities who could rise up and help on different levels, with their resources to lift the environs and humanity.

“Most of the advanced countries have progressed largely on the selfless and humanitarian efforts of rich or brilliant individuals and organisations. For instance, The Bill and Mellinda Gates Foundation is worth 35 billion dollars and has for many years committed billions into researches in life savings vaccines across the Third World.

“As a matter of fact the Foundation has spent hundreds of millions of dollars in polio eradication in Northern Nigeria. And it is a thing of joy that polio has been eradicated, officially, in Nigeria today. Thanks to Bill and Mellinda Gates Foundation.

“There are other impactful Foundations in Nigeria. We have the Femi Otedola Foundation which has committed billions into helping the less privileged. We have the TY Danjuma Foundation, Ayisat Foundation, MTN Foundation which has invested millions of dollars into health and education especially in the middle belt area of Nigeria.

“Bomarah Foundation aims to be like these people and organisations in philanthropic undertakings. As a matter of fact, we have, over the years, in our little ways, committed a lot of financial and material resources to humanitarian projects for the physically challenged, motherless babies, Correctional inmates, People living with disabilities” she said

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