Tin Can Port Gridlock: NAMTOP Urges NPA, Lagos Govt to Establish Task Team to Sustain Newly Found Sanity


Mile 2 to Tin Can Port access road


The Vice Chairman of Nexus Association of Maritime Transport Operators (NAMTOP) Ridwan Bello has called on the Nigerian Ports Authority (NPA) and the Lagos State Government to establish a patrol task team in order to sustain the sanity that has been established along the Mile 2/Tin Can Port access road.

DAILY TREND reports that the perennial traffic gridlock along Mile 2 to Tin Can Island Port in Lagos was cleared up last week following a joint operation of the Nigerian Ports Authority (NPA) and the Lagos State Government, even as over 20 extortion points, shanties and articulated trucks were evacuated from the road.

The action by NPA and Lagos Government has since attracted commendations from port users and motorist who have suffered for the past ten years due to total shutdown of the access road.

While speaking appreciating the activities of the NPA and Lagos Government, the NAMTOP Vice President said “We need to praise them to high heavens but then again, it took people like us on the frontlines, going to different media space to condemn how the port access road has been completely forgotten in the hands of evil dwellers at Tin Can axis, turning it to a jungle where law stops to exist.

“The unaccounted proceeds made from using the expressway as parking space for trucks since 2016 is what will give the non-state actors power to return after some time again.

“The state government and NPA needs to be on standby all the time so that normal vehicular movement can return to Tin Can.

“The government needs to invest in a patrol task team which will comprise of security operatives and stakeholders to monitor any hindrances to vehicular movement along that axis” he said

DAILY TREND correspondent visited the port last Wednesday through Friday, reports that motorist can now access the Tin Can Port and Apapa Port axis directly from Oshodi through Mile 2, Tin Can Port and straight to Apapa.

Our correspondent also noticed that commercial buses which have been unable to ply the access road for the past ten years, are now accessing the port freely.

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