ANLCA Clarifies Position on Upcoming AGM, Says It’s not to Hold Elections


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…AGM now to Hold At Marriott Hotel, Lagos


The Association of Nigerian Licensed Customs Agents (ANLCA) has announced that it’s upcoming Annual General Meeting (AGM) earlier slated to hold on February 7th 2023 in Benin, Edo State has now been shifted to Marriott Hotel in Ikeja Lagos.

National Secretary of ANLCA, Alhaji Abdulazees Babatunde Mukaila confirmed exclusively to DAILY TREND on Saturday that the venue was shifted as result of fears and concerns raised by members, especially on the insecurity along Benin expressway.

Alhaji Abdulazees Babatunde Mukaila

Mukaila has however assured members of both warring factions off the association that there is no cause for alarm.

In an earlier chat with our correspondent on Friday, the ANLCA Scribe clarified that the upcoming AGM is not for election purpose as being touted erroneously in some quarters. He explained that the meeting is to table all suggestions and resolutions made by the two warring factions before all all ANLCA members.

Recall that the association has been in crisis for the past five years with two factions laying claim to its Board of Trustees (BOT).
One of the faction is led by Alhaji Taiwo Mustapha, while the other is headed by Dr Taiwo Afolabi (by proxy) with Prince Ozo Chukwura speaking for the group.

Meanwhile, the ANLCA National Secretary has said that there is no cause for alarm, and that the AGM was summoned in agreement by both warring BOT factions.

See full Interview below:

Sir, can you clarify to us what this coming AGM is all about?

The AGM was agreed between both parties, meanwhile there are other issues that needs to be ironed out. There are suggestions made by both parties, we both agreed to go to AGM and resolve the issues because this is an association matter.

On the proposed AGM at Benin, there is a lot of agitation, some people are saying that Benin is too far, but at the end of business today, there would be a categorical position on that since venue has been taken and money has been paid, if there is going to be any reversal, we would keep our members informed.

There is an allegation that the decision to hold the AGM at Benin was taken unilaterally by your group

This is the position of things; as much as we are willing to put a stop to all these crisis and back and forth, there is a particular executive in office right now, they were the ones that went to court, trying to displace Tony Iju’s executives, however, they lost the case, the matter was struck out, this automatically means that Tony is still in office and there is nothing to stop that.
We have said it that we have about seventy days left in office and we have both agreed that this present NECOM must leave after finishing their tenure, a new NECOM must come into power.
We had an agreement on the mode of voting and we concluded that it has to be by AGM whereby all owners of licenses must participate.
However, the clarification I want to make here, which has been their fear is that, maybe this coming AGM is to conduct the election, No.
This AGM is just to table all the issues and proposals brought to the table by both factions, let us table them and see if they are acceptable to all members, then we agree on a common ground.
In the notice of the meeting, it was stated there that the AGM is called for the resolution of all suggestions by both factions, it is not for Elections at all.
All the shareholders, license holders and Managing Directors of companies in ANLCA would seat down and we would table the various demands by Mustapha BOT and the other BOT for members to decide and agree. Once we have move past these, the second AGM would now be for the election proper.
This first AGM is just to say enough is enough and we resolve the crisis.

How far have you gone with setting up the Association Electoral Committee (ASECO)?

Part of the suggestions made was that the Mustapha BOT should bring three members for the ASECO while our own BOT should bring two ASECO members, this is going to be part of the agenda. This is more or less a resolution because the two Boards have agreed to do 3-2, nobody has any problem with that. At the AGM, we would unveil them and they would give us their modalities and tell us when elections is going to hold.

Have both parties chosen their preferred candidates for ASECO?

I think on our side, we have chosen, Ozo Chukwura and the rest have chosen Alloy Anokuru and Tope. We are expecting the three members from their own side. At the AGM, the two Boards would tell us who is the Chairman of the ASECO and the Secretary.

How is the Mustapha group receiving the news of this AGM? Are they showing interest to attend?

So far so good, I have not seen any counter position besides Joe Sanni’s usual write-up and way of doing things. The only thing I noticed is the complains of taking the AGM outside Lagos, I have told you that at the end of business today, we shall look at the fears and concerns.
The AGM is not for Elections, it’s to make resolutions, announce ASECO and ask tell members to prepare for elections.

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