NIWA Provides Ferry Services for Flood Victims

The Managing Director of National Inland Waterways Authority (NIWA) Chief Dr. George Moghalu has directed the Area Manager of Lokoja Area Office to quickly release NIWA boats to provide services for stranded travellers in Lokoja and Koton Karfe of Kogi State in order to ease the suffering of the travelers caused by the flood.

According to NIWA gauge readers in Lokoja, they confirmed that the 2012 flood level was 12.84 meters whereas that of this year is reading 13.22 meters, hence, the 2022 flood level has surpassed that of 2012 with 0.38 meters.

The flood this year has overtaken some major roads in Ajaokuta, Lokoja and Koton Karfe Local Government Areas of Kogi State which made it impassable for travelers from or through Lokoja to Abuja thereby creating serious hardship on Nigerians.

It is in this regard, NIWA in conjunction with the Boat Owners Association have been providing succour to these victims in compliance to the safety guidelines of wearing life jackets, avoiding overloading, overspeeding and night sailing.

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