ANLCA Crisis: Members Raise Alarm Over Plans to Kill CRFFN Committee Report


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… Oforbike, Oluwole Obe Slams Farinto for Accusing Police

Members of the Association of Nigerian Licensed Customs Agents (ANLCA) in the West have raised an alarm of plans to kill the report of the Committee set up by the Minister of Transportation through the Council for the Regulation of Freight Forwarding in Nigeria (CRFFN) to resolve the 4-years old crisis in the association.

Speaking exclusively with our correspondent on Friday, Interim Coordinator of ANLCA Western Zone, Chief John Oforbike alleged that Vice Chairman of the CRFFN, Chief Henry Njoku personally boasted to him in a phone call that the report of the committee would not see the light of the day.

Oforbike raised an alarm that majority of the members of CRFFN Governing Board are members of ANLCA, and they all belong to Henry’s faction in the ongoing crisis.

Oforbike said that the Western Zone have great confidence in the CRFFN Committee, and equally have great respect for the members of the committee. He however warned that they must not allow intimidation from Henry Njoku.

Speaking he said “Henry Njoku is gathering all the CRFFN members to pressurize the CRFFN, and show that they are in charge.
He called me that why should we take the matter (crisis) to CRFFN since we are already settling with the Police, he was asking me why did we go there. I told him that his people were the first that visited the CRFFN before us.

“He promised to gather all his followers in the East who are CRFFN members and hold a meeting in Abuja, he said he would make sure that the report of the CRFFN does not see the light of the day. He called me two days ago.

“He said he would use Kingsley Offor and other members of the CRFFN, with support from NAGAFF members in the CRFFN and make sure that the case is reverse back to the police.
He said he is Vice Chairman of the CRFFN Governing Board.

“I have also reminded him that by law, any association man who holds position in the association is not supposed to hold position in CRFFN, this is because CRFFN is a regulator of the whole association.

“We trust the CRFFN Committee and it’s membership, we have confidence in the CRFFN to resolve this matter, despite intimidation from Henry Njoku.
Henry Njoku is like a poison, and CRFFN must not use poison to cure a sickness.

“Elochukwu wanted to become Chairman of CRFFN back then and they used the same law against him. Henry Njoku is an interested party in this crisis already because he is claiming to be the grand patron of ANLCA.

“He told me that the CRFFN Board Chairman is not a freight forwarder, and that he was appointed by the minister of transportation, and that this matter should be handled by himself who is a freight forwarder

“He said he would kill the report of the council, that is what he told me. Of all the people on that council, none is from our side, and this is what Henry is boasting, the CRFFN must not allow what they boasted to come to pass” Oforbike said.

Meanwhile Chief Oforbike as well as Chairman of the PTML Chapter of ANLCA, Elder Oluwole Obe have cautioned Dr Kayode Farinto to stop accusing the NIgerian Police of bias simply because they refused to be used as his tool.

Farinto had in an online publication accused the State Police Command of Complicity and fueling the crisis in ANLCA.

In response to these allegations, Oforbike urged the police and stakeholders to overlook these comments as mere ranting.

“Farinto is just ranting and he is just a bully. They were the ones that involved the police in the first place, they wrote the police that myself, Taiye Oyeniyi, Taiwo Mustapha, Denca, Elochukwu and all our chairmen in the West, that we employed mask men and armed them with AK-47 to invade the Secretariat and to attack Tony Iju at PTML.
The petition was signed by Mukaila to the Alagbon Police Station where Dasuki was in charge.

“They got a court order to detain all of us at the police station. They did all these to humiliate us in the West so that they can take over everywhere. The Police eventually asked us to go home and settle.

“This is same Farinto that is now accusing the Police. He is always doing that. He did that at Maritime Police, he shouted down the AIG Kauje, he told Peter Okocha, our former President at that same meeting to go to hell, he wants to be President of ANLCA by force.

“There tenure has expired, but presently, they are still trying to make the police open the Secretariat for them” he said

Also speaking with our correspondent, Chairman of PTML Chapter, Elder Oluwole Obe commended the Lagos State Police for its role of upholding the law and not to be intimidated by the ranting of the expired ANLCA executives.

Elder Oluwole Obe noted that the Farinto group and their kangaroo Board of Trustees do not have any court judgement they can implement because they were all obtained fraudulently.

“They went to a cout in Abeokuta and got a fake and fraudulent judgement whereby they penned their names as defendants and plaintiff” he stated

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