ANLCA Crisis: Airport Stakeholders Reject Peace Talk with NECOM, Says Its Contempt of Court

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Members of Association of Nigerian Licensed Customs Agents (ANLCA) operating at the Lagos Airport chapter have urged the association’s Registered Board of Trustees (BOT) to discontinue any peace talks with the court-suspended National Executive Committee (NECOM)

The Lagos Airport Stakeholders & Elites of ANLCA in a group photograph after Sunday’s meeting

The group called; Airport Stakeholders & Elites, at a meeting in Lagos on Sunday argued that, seating down with the Tony Iju’s NECOM to negotiate peace talks is in itself, Contempt of Court.

In a resolution sent to DAILY TREND at the end of the meeting, the group argued that all pending court cases should be concluded, arguing that the NECOM have no respect for the Rule of Law.

Our correspondent reports that the two warring factions of BOT and NECOM have been holding peace talks to ensure that the four years old crisis in ANLCA is resolved peacefully.

However, the peaceful negotiations which was initiated on the directive of the Inspector General of Police, was truncated last week when the National President of ANLCA, Tony Iju issued a press statement from diaspora, saying that the NECOM was granting the BOT amnesty.

Apparently angered by this statement, the Airport Stakeholders raised suspicions about the genuineness of the NECOM party in the ongoing peaceful talks.

The resolution reads in part, “Lets forget the extension of tenures in all levels (National, chapters & Appointments)

“Any of our chairmen that his tenure ends this year, should be ready to leave”

“No interim at the National level”

“Anything that is not constitutional should not be applicable to the running affairs of our association any longer”

“All Contempts of court must be treated”

“Abeokuta Judgement must be treated”

“Seating with them( the violators) is contempt of court”

“Lets start having meetings at the National secretariat”

“Instead of wasting our time and our big men spending their money on us and for the lawyers, why not seek for the help of the police to help execute all the ‘Orders, rulings & Judgements’ we are having rather than wasting time dialoguing with the people ( violators) that have no respect for ‘rule of law’

“We should not be seating with anybody that is on the list of the Abeokuta Judgement”

“They have extended their (Suspended NECOM) tenure in the amended constitution”

“All paragraphs or sections amended should be returned”

“The BOT & the people meeting them( violators )should ask for their prayers ( what they want)

“We stakeholders at the airport want the lawyer ( lawyer representing the registered BOT) changed.
We are ready to supply a very good lawyer and fund his services”

“Are we granting the suspended Necom extension of tenure?

“None of them ( suspended NECOM) should be addressed with their portfolio any longer pending the determination of all the law suits.

“If at all we are to add any of the them (violators ) to the existing registered BOT( if they realized their mistakes and pleaded) it must not be any of the people listed on the Abeokuta Judgement”

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