CREFFPON Calls for Fresh Elections Into CRFFN

…As Expired Governing Council Members Scheme to Extend Stay in Office


The Congress of Registered Freight Forwarding Practitioners Of Nigeria (CREFFPON) has called on the Registrar of the Council for the Regulation of Freight Forwarding in Nigeria (CRFFN) Barr Samuel Nwakohu to confer with the Honorable Minister of the transportation, Rotimi Amaechi and set in motion a process for organizing a fresh governing council election as provided in the CRFFN Act.

In a press statement issued on Monday and signed by Pastor Edwin Chukwudire Obi, the Clerk of CREFFPON, the group expressed satisfaction at the court ruling which dismissed the suit filed by the expired governing council members, trying to extend their stay in office.

The group stated that the dismissed suit had earlier stampeded this electioneering process.

CREFFPON however alleged that the expired governing council members were not satisfied by the court ruling, and that they are now heading to Appeal Court.

“While information reaching us has it that, the actors involved in this litigation both known and unknown has been consulting amongst themselves, with an intent to renegotiate with the reappointed ministerial appointees in the Council or proceed to higher court to appeal against the judgement”

“Therefore, it is the candid opinion of the CREFFPON that, this intending moves by the larger components of the supposedly elected leaders of the freight forwarders is purely self seeking and not for common good of the freight forwardung Profession and Practitioners”

“The CREFFPON therefore further request the Management team of the CRFFN to declare any administrative decisions taken by the expired governing council beyond their expected tenure date limits as null and void, especially the constitution of a wishy washy cum “arrangee” Electoral Committee”

“The CREFFPON hereby urge the management of the CRFFN to cursory consider In line with the oat of office of the said leaders exercise further Professional administrative sanctions against this perceived leaders as provided in the enabling act and official regulations – for instigating a frivolous litigation, against the Council, thereby stagnating administrative well being, of the Profession and Professionals , while the litigation lasted”

“The CREFFPON equally request the Registrar and his management team to further enforce the administrative processes for the immediate recovery or returning back of the Council vehicles in their possession back into the pool, which was one of the contemplated fears on the part of the said elected officers, that actually triggered the court action, abinitio”

“The CREFFPON wishes to remind the Freight Forwarders that a pending case at the high court seeking for the judicial interpretation of the Section 2 of the Act 16, 2007, is due for judicial considerations soonest. This judicial decision will put to rest all contentious issues and agitations surrounding the Section 2 of the Act 16,2007.

“The CREFFPON urge the freight forwarders to make it a Professional duty to always rise in defend of the freight forwarding profession.

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