Nigerian Seafarers Fail COC Exams Because They Don’t Attend Classes, Says MAN Oron Rector



The Rector of Maritime Academy of Nigeria (MAN) in Oron Akwa Ibom State, Comr. Duja Efedua has revealed that the major reason why Nigerian seafarers fail their Certificate of Competency (CoC) exams is because most of them don’t have time to attend classes amidst sustaining their jobs onboard ships.

Effedua stated this recently while hosting an executive delegation of Alumni of MAN Oron (AMANO), led by its President, Mr. Emmanuel Maiguwa.

Effedua said the reasons for the recorded failures in Certificate of Competency (CoC) is attributed to participants’ inability to attend classes as most of them tried to juggle between retaining their jobs on a ship and attending the CoC classes.

He, however, informed the AMANO delegation that the Academy had sent about 15 members of staff to India for training that will close most of the gaps limiting the Academy.

The Rector also seized the opportunity to introduce the newly introduced Security Certificates that addressed the issue of counterfeits in COC’s, adding that the certificate could also be verified online.

While briefing AMANO on the transformation at the Academy, said; “the Academy now has three Major simulators, which is one of the latest in the world. Multifunctional Classroom Simulation system, Full Mission Bridge Simulation and Full Mission Engine room Simulation.”

The Rector who also received an award of excellence from the Academy’s Alumni Body commended AMANO led by Maiguwa for their continuous support the institution and the entire maritime sector. He also assured that his leadership has a goal to restore the Academy to its proper place as a world-class maritime training institution.

Effedua also expressed delight that most of the problems that bedeviled the institution in the past had been addressed, including the challenges of overcrowding of cadets in hostels and classrooms with a hostel room accommodating up to 18 cadets per room in the past, poor medical facility and poor transportation system.

According to him, the Academy was able to carry out an upward review of salaries, especially for contracted instructors with special skills, to be able to attract and keep quality personnel with regular training.

Noting that the Academy was expecting two Master Mariners to join in about a week and four more in the coming months, the MAN Oron Rector said this transformation has resulted in the employment of over 100 members of the host community, and assured that more would be employed as things progress.

He also mentioned that the Institution is now ready to start pursuing international certification and as a means to propagate the shipping profession to those who come on an excursion to the school, the Academy is working on a marine exhibition centre.

AMANO has commended the Academy’s efforts to enhance its profile and technical capacity with more stimulators, better remuneration for staff, even as it initiates plans to build a modern marine exhibition center.

President of AMANO Maiguwa Emmanuel thanked the Rector and his team for the reception and excellent work of transformation being carried out in the Academy.

He expressed confidence that if this is sustained for a few more years, the Maritime Academy of Nigeria will have the chance of becoming one of the top maritime training facilities in Africa.

Maiguwa stated than the aim of the visit was to enable AMANO to assess the progress on the ground and learn from the management how best AMANO could use its wealth of experience in the industry to support the Academy.

The alumni group also stated that the Academy must seek a special grant to make adequate funding available for the Academy to attract Active-Seafarers who will be motivated to share their work time between ships and Academy without losing remuneration.

“The current compensation is not attractive for attractive Seafarers, and their up-to-date knowledge and skills are required to impact the training of cadets that will compete. N600,000 is far too low to attract a sea-going Master Mariner of C/E to forgo a ship,” the President said.

5 thoughts on “Nigerian Seafarers Fail COC Exams Because They Don’t Attend Classes, Says MAN Oron Rector

  1. This comment is so so disheartening coming from the rector of Man O.

    The candidates for COC exams that started a 6 months course since January 2020 have spent 15 months and still counting till this very moment have been stucked in oron waiting exams that the body in charge refused to set since last year.

    Seafarers that left their job since January last year to complete the course and go back to work have been in oron for 15 months without work…
    Seafarers are suffering there. How do they pay for accomodations, feeding, and families at home hoping to also get money for feeding..

    This is the highest form of neglection by Nimasa and Man Oron

  2. Seafarers have lost their jobs because of this course. How do they explain to their company that a 6 months course has lasted 15 months plus and yet no date on when the exams is to be written.. if we decide to go back to work in other to cater for family and to survive then they will say we refused to come to class.. but we have been here without work for long and Man Oron choose to neglect us..

    “Who do we run to when those that are supposed to save us are the ones crucifying us”

    What a shame

  3. My colleague has been fired by his company because he’s been asking for a little more time to write the COC exams.
    Yesterday 24th March 2021, I was chased out of my lodge to give room for the new candidates who have started their lectures even while we have been kept waiting for over 15months now.
    I’ve run in debt to sustain myself as I’ve kept away from work to be able to attend classes and sit for exams.
    Universities have written exams over and over again.
    Maritime instructions in other countries have graduated new sets of COC candidates , my colleague who abandoned this awaiting drama wrote his exams in Ghana on the 9th of March 2021,
    A lot has happened I wouldn’t want to proceed in mentioning.
    And unless people really get serious with the jobs in this sector and Nigeria as a whole. I’m not sure we’ll not keep seeing shifting of blames on gross failure like this which I’ve personally experienced. We haven’t even been given once chance to Fail or pass and maybe write again.
    Finally unlike other institutions.
    Please ask the source of this rumour to play back CCTV feed from the class rooms . Ask him also to check the attendance lists.
    I think people should only take up responsibilities they’re sure they can carry out so nothing becomes a burden to them . It’s not just about the jobs , offices and titles. Let’s be a civilized and responsible citizens please.

  4. Rector with all due respect you just lied , you didn’t talk about the obselate learning method and the present situation, no accommodation, no practical equipment. You can’t just wake up and say anything u like because you are a rector

  5. I agree with the rector, in other parts of the world, seafarers left their job . for upgrading of their certificate. This is also in other professions, you can’t eat your cake and have it, things should work well here.

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