NPA Clampdown On Bonded Terminals Carrying Out Illegal Operations At Tin Can Port

The Nigerian Ports Authority (NPA) has said that some of the bonded terminals scattered around the Tin Can Island Port in Lagos were carrying out activities which were not licensed by the authority, saying that they would now be shut down.

The Tin Can Island Port Traffic Manager, Mr Peter Abiri told newsmen on Tuesday that many of the terminals were being used to offload (stripping) containers that have exited the port.

This is in response to cries by licensed Customs Agents at the port, that the activities of these bonded terminals was the major cause of the traffic gridlock along the Tin Can Port corridor, especially as all the terminals now share a single access.

According to Mr Abiri, suspending the discharge of containers also known as “stripping” operations at the terminals would help clear the access roads of articulated trucks hindering free flow of traffic.

He maintained that enforcement of the exercise would commence midnight Wednesday 25th November, 2020.
Mr. Abiri noted that resumption of stripping activities would only be reconsidered after the port access road has been cleared of all impediments.

He pointed out that any violation of the directive by the operators will result in the closure of the terminals,saying that the terminals were not originally licensed to do stripping but to operate as bonded terminals.

According to Abiri, some of the bonded terminals that engage in stripping include; M.A.N yard and Hannover Terminal .

Others include: Dash Gold (Black gate), SocaTalmis and Wali Galibut at Abuja area of Tincan port.

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