Piracy in Gulf of Guinea: Another Chinese Fishing Vessel Attacked

A Chinese fishing SHENGHAI2 has been attacked by daredevil pirates in Sierra Leaone, off the Gulf of Guinea.

The crew of the fishing vessel were reportedly wounded while the Chinese longliner SHENGHAI2 was attacked by armed persons early in the morning Aug 21 on Freetown anchorage.

Fleetmon stated stated that : “The Crew reportedly, tried to thwart an attack with ensuing fight, several crew were injured, including some seriously wounded. Pirates fled the ship and area after Navy or Coast Guard sent a team to assist crew.”

Earlier in May, Eighteen crew members aboard a Chinese vessel, MV HAILUFANG II, were rescued unhurt by the Nigerian military following an attack by pirates within the Gulf of Guinea.

The ship’s crew including Chinese, Ghanaians, and Ivorians, was attacked by pirates off the coast of Cote d’Ivoire on May 15.

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