Controversy As Customs Demand PAAR On Accidented Vehicles


The Association of Nigerian Licensed Customs Agents (ANLCA) has accused the Nigeria Customs Service of refusal to clear accidented 2020 vehicles, except the importer obtains a Pre Arrival Assessment Report (PAAR)

Findings by our correspondent shows that customs only require PAAR on new vehicles, while used vehicles are given factory value by officers for importers to pay.
However, the clearing agents are raising an alarm that there are a lot of 2020 vehicles which are accidented and are used, but that customs have refused to clear them as used vehicles.

Vice President of ANLCA, Dr Kayode Farinto said the association has written the Federal Ministry of Finance for intervention. He said the association has received confirmation that the matter is being treated.

“We sent various letters to the Ministry of Finance last week on the issue of 2020 used vehicles that customs have not been allowed to clear.
I was just called from the ministry this morning that they are treating that letter” he said

Also speaking exclusively with DAILY TREND NEWS last week, a member of ANLCA, Mr Ojo Akintoye lamented that agents are currently having problems with customs over the clearance of used 2020 vehicles, saying that some of these vehicles are even accidented, and customs is insisting on PAAR.

“Any vehicle that is new, customs says you should go and get PAAR, but for used vehicle you don’t need it.
On the 2020 used vehicles, we are having problems with customs because there are some 2020 vehicles that have been produced since last year, abroad, some of the vehicles have been bought, driven and are even accidented, I have a Toyota Corolla that is accidented, but they are still insisting on getting PAAR on it, this is not what the law says”

“We are trying to call their attention to this, but they are resisting.
If there is evidence that the car is used and accidented, they should give us value and we pay to clear the car. The ex factory price is there as an alternative, why cant they allow the agent to pay this and get his vehicle” Akintoye wondered.

However, Public Relations Officer of PTML Command of Customs, a RoRo vehicle terminal, Mr Yakubu Mohammed told our correspondent that there have not been any complaints concerning issuance of PAAR on 2020 used vehicles.

Mohammed argued that most 2020 vehicles are new vehicles, as long as the milage is less that 3,000 miles.

“We call it new because you are going to pay levy on it, the car is leviable, and you also pay the duty.
If the car is above 3,000 miles, we call it used vehicle and it is not leviable”

“Basically, the 2020 vehicles we receive are just few, but what we do is that we ask them to go and collect PAAR because it is the latest year, there has been no complaints on this so far” he said

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