COVID-19: Shipowners Advised to Discontinue Crew Change, As 6 Ships, 140 Seafarers Quarantined


Mr. He Bailiang, Head of Hong Kong University Infectious Disease Center, has advised that crew change exercise is very risky, and that all ships calls with sole purpose of changing crews, must be cancelled.

He argued that the the crew change scheme is endangering everything and everybody, and overall, situation is too critical.

This is coming because, about 140 seamen on board of 6 ships found themselves under quarantine at Lamma island anchorage, Hong Kong, starting Jul 13, when they arrived at anchorage for crew change.

Among seized ships are:
Gen cargo ALISA V, IMO 9875434, dwt 7867 (brand new, built in 2020) – confirmed;
Container ship ROSA, IMO 9484534, dwt 54339, capacity 4380 TEU – confirmed;
Container ship MSC KERRY, IMO 9062960, dwt 45530, capacity 3501 TEU – confirmed;
Container ship VANTAGE, IMO 9628192, dwt 110875, capacity 8800 TEU;
Container ship CMA CGM ROSSINI, IMO 9280639, dwt 73235, capacity 5770 TEU.

The seized ships were said to have called HK anchorage for crew change, but they were not supposed to dock and carry out cargo operations.

All crews on board were tested, one seaman per each crew was found guilty of positive test.

He Bailiang didn’t miss ships’ photos, taken on Lamma anchorage, where some crew were without masks.

“Situation is very dangerous, and prone with infection spread risk” said watchful He Bailiang.

The crews however were said to have been on board of their ships for many months, carrying goods, which feed, warm and provide life itself, for all mankind.

Hong Kong authorities already started to panic, so there’s almost no doubt, that the only loophole in this region, Hong Kong, will be closed soon.

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