NPA Board Vows To Tackle Lagos Ports Congestion, Pursue Viability of Eastern Ports


The new Chairman of the Nigerian Ports Authority (NPA), Chief Akin Ricketts has assured that the congestion on the Lagos port corridors would be tackled by the new board, even as he decried the under-utilisation of seaports in the eastern corridor.

Akin Ricketts, NPA Board Chairman

Ricketts, in his remarks during the inauguration of the NPA board by the Minister of Transport, Mr. Rotimi Amaechi in Abuja, assured that the board would cooperate with NPA in dealing with the challenges.

He promised that the board would not constitute itself into a parallel NPA management, even as he assured that NPA staff would be given a voice

He explained that the board would create an atmosphere where employees would be given the opportunity to air their views and express dissent on any policy or action, they feel strongly about.

He said: “The eastern corridor seaports are under-utilised and must be made to function optimally.”

“The major issues confronting our ports today are capacity utilisation and evacuation corridors. While the ports in the east are being grossly under-utilised due to many factors, the efficiency of the ports in Lagos is hampered by inadequate evacuation corridors that lead to congestion on the road, which ultimately affects prompt service delivery.

“This is a challenge that we intend to confront head-on in conjunction with other stakeholders, with a view to ameliorating the sufferings of port users and ease business in the port, as envisaged by the federal government.

“We are sure that NPA would have its share of challenges and issues that need to be resolved or need immediate attention. We will do that in conjunction with the management and all relevant stakeholders.

“We will ensure that we give every issue and matter that comes to our attention the consideration it deserves and deal with it fairly and objectively, without favour or ill will,” the chairman stated.

Rickets also promised synergy and effective oversight of NPA without constituting itself into alternative management.

“And we will ensure that measures are emplaced so that this process is not unduly abused.

“We will ensure that feedback mechanisms are in place from our major stakeholders and port users so that we improve on service delivery, efficiency and capacity,” he added.

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