COVID 19: Clearing Agents Lampoon NPA, Grimaldi Shipping Over Lack of Sensitisation

Licensed customs agents under the aegis of Association of Nigeria Licensed Customs Agents (ANLCA) have berated the Nigerian Ports Authority (NPA) and Grimaldi Shipping, operators of the PTML Terminal over their insensitivity to the health of port users.
The agents alleged that the NPA and even Grimaldi shipping have not made any effort to sensitize port users and customers at PTML Terminal on preventing the deadly Coronavirus.
They also complained of lack of shelter  and toilet facilities for customers coming to transact business at the terminal on daily basis.
One of the agents, Mr. Uchechukwu Aniezechukwu said “The Nigerian Ports Authority has not done anything about Corona Virus, by now, I expect to see Sanitizers all over this place from Grimaldi and NPA, there are no health facilities here, Grimaldi keeps collecting our money”
“Corona Virus is real, Grimaldi should do something about it and NPA, this week we want to feel their presence around this place with health facilities for all their customers”
Another clearing agent, Mr Tony Akpomuje lampooned NPA, saying that the authority had destroyed the offices of the freight forwarding associations few years ago, and sold out the space to auto dealers.
“Today you can see agents hanging around the port because there is no where for them to rest after finishing transactions,  when it starts raining,  agents would be looking for Customs offices where they can hide, meanwhile we are the one generating all the money”
“We dont even have any toilet facility around here, the PTML terminal is not a conducive place to transact business right now”
“Grimaldi have said they are willing to construct office and toilets but the NPA has not given them space to do it, we are equally willing to contribute because we dont want our members to be hanging around” he said.

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