TOURISM: Cross River State Sets To Hold Sport Cycling Project; Akwacross

Even though the state is known as one of the most sort after tourist centre in Nigeria, coupled with its yearly program, Carnival Calabar, the state has announced its intention to hold yet a sport tourism cycling project called Awkaross.
The game plan is to keep the state continuously in focus with strategic and sustainable tourism activities, building up an entirely dependent economy on tourism culture, environment and other down stream influencers of the business.
Akwacross cycling project which is specially dedicated to enhancing the historical and cultural relationship between the people of Akwa ibom and Cross River, who share similar narratives on culture, dances, language, fashion and gastronomy, comes up on March 14, an innovation critical to generating domestic visitations and reconnection.
It is also premised to drive  excellence in sports and physical wellbeing of the people, not excluding visitors as a well toned body notably contribute to the progress and advancement of humanity.
That’s not all about the rebirth and restructuring of tourism agenda of this state blessed virgin aquatic and natural resources endowment as plans are afoot to organize the biggest training program for the hospitality operators and investors come 19th March, 2020.
Already, obudu resort on the northern fringes of the state is back on the tour circuit. This iconic resort with surreal landscape and cable car, remain the state’s best highly sought after tourist delight and activator of structured visits.
Eric Anderson, the honourable commissioner for tourism, disclosed that all tour sites in the states  will receive facelift to make them attractive to investors and tourists.
” We are carefully addressing issues that help us create a true tourism environment that will place the state as most visited in Africa and at same time develope verifiable tourism economy capable of providing jobs and help protecting our prime fauna and flora ecosystem.” he explained.
Anderson who promised to sufficiently link other key tourism product drivers into top finishing ranking, stated that marine tourism will not be left out on the cross River tourism agenda as plans to give the iconic marina resort a big boost    to increase the unusual visitors traffic to the city center located recreation site.
” We are sure cross River State can make a big statement apart from our carnival Calabar project. Our desire is to be seen as the best destination in Nigeria nay Africa. We are determined to prove a point and we are encouraged by the governor to make this state the most preferred among local and international visitors.” Eric Anderson told a select tourism Journalists over the weekend”

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