Ekweozor Blames NAGAFF Headquarters for Challenges At Tin Can Port




Chairman of National Association of Government Approved Freight Forwarders (NAGAFF) at Tin Can Island Port chapter, Mr. Azubuike Ekweozor has said that the reason why sufferings of freight forwarders had lingered at the port was due to the gag placed on the chapter by the National headquarters of NAGAFF.

He however assured that come the year 2020, it would no longer be business as usual for Terminal Operators, Customs, Nigerian Ports Authority (NPA) and other agencies.

While speaking at the General Meeting and End of the Year Party of the chapter held last week, Mr. Ekweozor informed his members that the NAGAFF high command has finally lifted the gag on all its chapters and now they can freely speak on matters that affect their members, especially as it concerns government policies.

He lamented that many freight forwarders have died, due to the bad port access road and various operational challenges confronting the Tin Can Island Port.

“I want to apologize to all of you in any way that we have fallen short of your expectations, while we take full responsibility for any shortcomings, it is as a result of the position of NAGAFF headquarters on operational issues as it concerns government policies”

“I am glad to inform you that the NAGAFF Headquarters has now given us clearance to take a position on issues that affect our operations. Going by this, you have our word to hold us most accountable”

“Hence, from January 2020, all issues of operational challenges brought to our attention would be properly and adequately attended to” He assured that all the operational challenges enumerated by the freight forwarders have been noted down for immediate follow up in January 2020. He reiterated that “The association has given the chapter the free hand to operate and intervene into any issue.

Come January 2020, it is no longer going to be business as usual with government agencies including Nigeria Customs Service, NPA, Police, and others”

He, however, sought the co-operation and support of members, saying that that the association is about membership and followership, saying, whenever the leadership takes a step to fight and it doesn’t see the followers, it would be very difficult to achieve

“By the year 2020, let everybody tighten up their belts and seat tight,” he said


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