285 Containers Floating On Water As Vessel Capsizes, Sank In South China


A container ship; Vietsun Integrity has capsized and  and sank between buoys 28/30 on Long Tau river, while sailing downstream from Ho Chi Munh to Vung Tau, Vietnam, on Oct 18. 

There were 285 containers on board, most of them reportedly, went overboard and are floating around. 

The ship developed heavy starboard list and contacted traffic control center, capsized about an hour later.  According to reports, traffic in the area either blocked or hampered.

“Hull is partially above water, a number of containers are floating around, 17 crew made to the shore, all safe, there were 290 containers on board”

More details on the ill fated vessel reveals its IMO number as 9264776, dwt 8015, capacity 660 TEU, built 2003, flag Vietnam, manager VIET SUN CORP, Ho Chi Minh.

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