Hooliganism Among Nigerian Dockworkers is Over, Adeyanju Warns Members

President General of MWUN, Comrade Adewale Adeyanju

The President General of the Maritime Workers Union of Nigeria (MWUN) has warned its members to resist temptations of carrying placards against the Nigerian Ports Authority (NPA) over the unpaid severance package to tally clerks and onboard security men.

Adeyanju yesterday at a meeting with the dockworkers assured that the money was ready and that any moment from now, the NPA would start disbursing them.

He warned his members not to drag the union back to the dark age of placard carrying, thugry and hooliganism at Nigerian ports. According to him, the MWUN has over the years built a new reputation for itself as a responsible union, and the name of the union must not be dragged in the mud.

He said  hooliganism as become a thing of the past in the union, even as he added that protest, demonstration and placards carrying will not resolved the unpaid monies in question.

Adeyanju commended the Managing Director of NPA Ms. Hadiza Bala Usman as a wonderful woman who gives listening ears to the MWUN, unlike previous managements.

He urged the dockworkers should air their grievances to the leadership of the union and not to the government agencies saddled with the responsibility of mediating on the mode of payment.

He maintained that the union would not pave the way for some unscrupulous workers to rubbish the reputation of the union that has been built over the years.  

“The dockworkers we have today are a responsible union and as career labour officer like every other worker. I want to give a directive that from today there will be no group of workers without due process carrying placards under the name of protest at the corporate headquarters of the NPA”

“It is the union that gives directives and it is the union that regulates the activities of the dockworkers. And part of my responsibility as the leader of MWUN is to give directive to you .We must respect the rules of engagement and the rule of laws.” 

The President General maintained that the issues of payment for onboard security men and tally clerks have been resolved, pointing out payment would be made in due course.

He lamented that the union has worked round the clock to ensure that payments are made to the workers, thus “nobody should take laws into their hands.

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