NAGAFF Embarks on Chapter Sensitization For its Training Academy


The National Association of Government Approved Freight Forwarders (NAGAFF) has embarked on sensitization of its members at chapter level on the need to enroll themselves for a professional course in freight forwarding at its Training Academy.

Registrar of the NAGAFF Academy, Mr Francis Omotosho, the academy is the training and education organ of NAGAFF as an association.

He told our correspondent that the academy is currently on a drive to get maritime stakeholders subscribe to it’s courses and it has decided to start from all NAGAFF chapters.

According to him the NAGAFF Academy is open to NAGAFF members, other Freight Forwarding Associations and the general public.
Omotosho said the Academy is currently pursing accreditation for all its programmes accordingly.

“NAGAFF Academy is an independent training provider and awarding body by professional recognition taking cognizance of the minimum academic and professional standards of the International Federation of Freight Forwarders Association (FIATA) Glattbrugg-Switzerland, Council for the Regulation of Freight Forwarding in Nigeria (CRFFN), as the sector skills Council and Regulatory body by law (CRFFN Act. 2007); National University Commission (NUC), and National Board for Technical Education (NBTE) Minimum Benchmark Guide Curricula and Course Specification for the programmes in Nigeria”

“The Academy is the pace-setter and first citadel of freight forwarding education in Nigeria”

“The Academy was established to advance the standard of learning, knowledge and skills for Freight Forwarders in Nigeria”

“The underlying mission of NAGAFF Academy is to train and produce world-class qualified professional Freight Forwarders equipped with adequate knowledge and skills for the smooth flow of international traded goods across the world”

“Our mandate is to promote sustainable freight forwarding practice and professionalism in Nigeria”

“The Academy has the requisite Curricula, Human Capacity, and Material Resources to deliver its mandate and satisfy the needs of our students”

“The quality of our programmes is based on our capacity and fitness to fulfill our mission in liberating Freight Forwarders through true qualitative education maintained by our internal and external control mechanism (quality control, quality assurance, continuous monitoring and evaluation systems)

However, the Postgraduate programmes are in conjunction and under the supervision of faculty members of our partners accredited universities locally and abroad.

The arrays of our programmes are as follows:
1) Certificate in Freight Forwarding Practice (1 Year)
2) Diploma in Freight Forwarding Management (2 Years)
3) Higher Diploma in Freight Forwarding Management(2 Years)
4) Postgraduate Diploma in Freight Forwarding and Supply Chain Management (1Year)
5) Masters Degree (MSc & MBA) in Freight Forwarding and Supply Chain Management (1 Year)
6) Doctoral Degree (DFF & PhD) in Freight Forwarding and Supply Chain Management (3 Years)
7) FIATA/CRFFN Professional Qualifying Examination Programme (To Qualify as Professional Chartered/Registered Freight Forwarder in Nigeria)(27 Months)

Anyone who is interested in becoming a Chartered Freight Forwarder in Nigeria is free to apply”

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