CIOTAN Overtakes CILT Nigeria, Says ‘We are the Only Recognized Body for Professional Transporters’

Dr Bashir Jamoh (2nd from left) and other members of his executive team at the maiden press conference in Lagos yesterday.

The Chattered Institute of Transport Administration (CIOTAN) has said that there is no conflict of interest between the Institute and the Chattered Institute of Logistics and Transport (CILT) Nigeria because CIOTAN is the only institute recognised by law to superintendent activities of transport professionals in Nigeria.

The Institute has equally frowned on squatters building houses on rail lines around the Naval Dockyard in Apapa Lagos area, assuring that the Institute is concerned about reviving the rail system and other multimodal transport in Nigeria.

Speaking at the maiden press briefing and conference in Lagos yesterday, President of CIOTAN, Dr Bashir Jamoh however assured that the Institute will reach out to CILT and work collaboratively as it has done in the past.

An expert who spoke to DAILY TREND at the event yesterday explained that CILT Nigeria is currently pursuing its charter and it is only operating in the meantime, a United Kingdom chatter which according to him does not hold water because the Institute cannot ‘bite’ in Nigeria.

It is also believed that Dr. Jamoh has been able to get the CIOTAN charter finalised within four months, due to his political connections to President Muhammadu Buhari.

Speaking, Dr. Jamoh who is Executive Director of Finance at the Nigerian Maritime Administration and Safety Agency (NIMASA) signing the CIOTA Bill by the president in June 2019 will revolutionalize the transports industry.
He assured that the Institute under his watch with continue to advise government and formulate policies that would revive the transport sector, especially to restore multimodalism in transportation.

He said ‘CILT and Chattered Institute of Transport Administration of Nigeria have been working hand in hand over the years, but as of today, the recognized body for the professional transporters is the Chattered Institute of Transport Administration of Nigeria, we are reaching out to the CILT as we have been doing before the chatter, and we would continue to do so”

“It is left for the two bodies to decide what to do before the consideration of their own (CILT) Bill, if at all the Bill is being assent to, we are not in a position to say”

On the issue of funding, he said the Institute does not get funds nor subventions from the government and that it gets funds from membership fees and other professional consultancy that the Institute may engage in privately or with the public sector.

He said “The Institute is a private institute and we are not expecting any money from the Federal Government, the membership fees and other sources of income that would generate funds is what we use to fund our day to day activities”

“It is only the CIOTA as of today that is registered by the Act of parliament as a professional body. So, as professionals we would ensure that we work to suggest to the federal government in terms of policies and implementation”

“The major problem in the sector today is the dearth of the rail system, in those days, not up to three decades when I came to Lagos, you can easily have your container transported via rail, you can take it from Apapa port, Lillypond, Kaduna and so on”

“As far as this government is concerned in the last four years, there has been a lot of revolutions in terms of rail system, the President has equally directed that all ports must be connected with rail lines. It may not be as fast as you think, because it is easy to destroy, today if you go to the Naval Dockyard, you would see rail lines where people have buildings on top of them”

“The rail lines have its own provisions and there is nowhere in the world  where people build houses on top of rail lines, today, if you go to Apapa, you would see those rail networks being used as a building, and you expect it all to work back in a single day? It is not possible because the rail was not built in a day”

“We need to be patient and gradually we would get there, as far as the Institute is concerned, we would do what is required of us to do”

“The assent of the National Assembly and the Presidency shows that they are much concerned about challenges in the transport sector” Jamoh stated

He assured that CIOTAN will continue to train professionals and also advise government and all stakeholders to adopt and implement global best practices in Transport Administration.
“The six two political zones will be duly covered to lead specific transportation related initiatives from water in the South South to rail and inland in the north west roads in the east; north central will focus on pipelines/cable transport and aviation in the Lagos hub of the South West”

“We will establish valuable partnership and strategic alliances with all target stakeholders. From the federal ministry of Transportation to other related MDAs in aviation, roads, rails, maritime, pipeline; transport Labour NURTW”

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