50 Cent Extends TV Series, Power, Beyond Season 6


American rapper, Curtis Jackson a.k.a 50 Cent has announced that the popular television series, Power will not be ending this summer on season 6 as earlier projected.

A few weeks ago, the executive producer of Power informed us all that the show would be coming to an end this summer

The next season of Power would apparently be the last with the producers intending on branching out into many different spin-off series.

If you’ve been complaining about the end of an era, you’re likely to be extremely satisfied by the following news. If Curtis Jackson is to be believed (and he works backstage on the show so, why wouldn’t his take be legitimate?) then Power is not going to close in August. 

The show is undoubtedly coming to an end soon but according to Fif, this summer will not be the last of the show. 

He took to social media to unveil his plans to continue the major storylines in a later season, revealing that the series is not actually ending right now.

“I Changed my mind POWER is not going to be over after season 6,” said the producer in his post. “This shit is to good.”

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