Security Expert Calls For Audit of NIMASA, Signs Sea Term Agreement for 100 Cadets


A foreign security company, Lerus Group has called for an audit of the Nigeria Maritime Administration and Safety Agency (NIMASA) by the International Maritime Organization (IMO)
Mr. Ruslan Gromovenko, Chief Executive Officer of Lerus Group, a multinational company involved in maritime safety and trainings, especially for cadets also stated that the company has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with NIMASA for the provision of sea term of 100 cadets trained in Sebu, Philippine.

Gromovenko stated that for Nigerian cadets to get adequate sea term and recognition of Certificate of Competency (CoC) issued by NIMASA, there should be transparency in NIMASA, they should invite international Employee from Maritime countries with experience in Examinations, in addition to the international Audit by IMO.
He also said that because Nigeria is not on IMO White List, this has led to to the CoC issued by NIMASA not being recognised worldwide.

Speaking on the MoU, he said “Our Proposal to NIMASA is to start to place first batch with 100 cadets onboard vessels, then once all are placed, the cadets themselves will distribute experience on board to the whole Nigeria and the world. Its actually our preference to get final target and employ the first batch on board international flagged vessels” “The proposal is approved already, the MoU between NIMASA and Lerus was signed by both parties in February 2019”

About the cadet training,  the Lerus Chief Executive Officer stated that there are 50 deck and 50 engine cadets qualified in the list and all of them Graduated from Maritime Academy in Cebu.

He added that the image of NIMASA on the international level is nothing to write home about, adding that this has been further compounded by the traffic gridlock on access roads to Apapa Port.
He highlighted some of the grey areas to include the parking slots at NIMASA building, the NIMASA Building itself , “Including those guys with Fan in the lift, including upgrade of all floors in NIMASA, including everything.
The very first Sentence in any audit report must create great general impression of the place and the team”

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