ANLCA Airport Power Tussle: Chapter Members Pass ‘Vote of Confidence’ on Prince Adewusi


Bamgbala Adewusi, Chairman ANLCA Muritala Muhammed Airport Chapter

—Tells NECOM: Leave us Alone, we are not tired of our Executives’


Following the battle for the soul of the Chairmanship seat of the Muritala Muhammed Airport chapter of Association of Nigerian Licensed Customs Agents (ANLCA) which recently culminated into an alleged suspension of the seating chairman, Prince Bamgbala Adewusi by the National Executive Committee (NECOM) members of the chapter have stood behind their chairman, urging the NECOM to allow him concentrate on the good job he was doing at the chapter.

Our correspondent gathered that even though the tenure of Adewusi remains about one year and six months left to expire. However, the National President of ANLCA, Emenike Nwokeoji recently inaugurated Mr Tope Akindele as the new Chairman of the chapter on the strength on a Badagry High Court ruling.

The NECOM also recently suspended Adewusi and two of his executives, alleging funds misappropriation.

However, in reaction to the ensuing drama, members of the chapter have passed vote of confidence on Prince Adewusi as Chairman.

Speaking with DAILY TREND, Mr Olufemi Kayode, the Managing Director of Febak Olympic Global Services argued that it is alien to ANLCA Constitution for a new President to dissolve a democratically elected executive whose tenure is still running.

Speaking, Mr Kayode said “What we are seeing today is very unfortunate, government is a continuum, you are not supposed to destroy everything your predecessor did, you might ignore what they did, stop at where they stopped and start doing your own, but to destroy what they have done is not acceptable.

“The National President of ANLCA today is dissolving an existing chapter where their tenure is yet to expire and he is constituting a sole administrator, is that in ANLCA Constitution?

“Meanwhile, these are the people that you used for your own election, they actually voted for you, at that time, you never saw anything wrong with them, you used chapters that had two chairmen, two treasurers, two financial secretaries to vote you into office, these are compromises that everyone swallowed, taking a cue from the arrangement of the CCC.

“This executives are doing their job and we are not tired of them, if we were tired, you would have been seeing crisis and issues being raised

“The BOT did their kangaroo elections in 2018 and pronounced Tope Akindele as Chairman, now you are coming with the second swearing in of Tope for the same seat. Since this second swearing in of Tope as Chairman of Aiport chapter, how many issues have you heard from here that is contrary to peace? Nothing.

“Rather, the Chairman have been calming everybody down, knowing the volatility of the airport.
There is no crises here, but the NECOM are the ones fermenting crisis for us all over again and we are tired of it” he said

Also speaking on the leadership crisis, Mr Segun Fasina, a licensed member of ANLCA at airort chapter, urged the National President of ANLCA, Emenike Nwokeoji to act like a true father and fulfill his claims of being a man of peace.

“I don’t think the NECOM has done the best, as a father that has many children, you should know how to manage them.

“But in this situation, the NECOM calling themselves a father, are the ones creating problems.
If you go round now and look at the faces of our members at the Airport, they are tired of the NECOM because they are just creating unnecessary problems for us at this command.

“We did our elections, we elected our executives and everything is moving on fine, no issues, no hassles, but immediately this new NECOM came in, there has been no peace.

“The question we are asking them when they alleged a mismanagement of N25million is that; what is the total dues we are generating from this chapter? How did they come about this N25million, let them expose everything to us, if truly they are sure the executives embezzled N25million

“Is it because the Chairman informed them of the structure he erected, the amount he spent in settling necessary bodies and clearing of the shanties around here?

“Since we have been here, the NECOM have never visited here to ask what are the challenges we are facing, I don’t know the kind of father they call themselves” he said

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