NPA Partners TTP to Commence E-tag Technology At Ports, with Zero Cost to Truckers


Muhammed Bello-Koko, Managing Director of NPA

In a groundbreaking move towards enhancing efficiency and security within Nigeria’s maritime industry, and further enabling the ease of doing business in line with the Presidential PEBEC objectives, Trucks Transit Parks Ltd. (TTP) has announced a strategic collaboration with the Nigerian Ports Authority (NPA) to deploy E-tag technology.

This initiative aims to address challenges related to non-compliance with standard operating procedures in the administration of the electronic call-up scheme, particularly concerning the Minimum Safety Standards (MSS), and to improve the ease of doing business for truckers and the maritime or blue economy.

The decision comes in the wake of the Managing Director of NPA, Mohammed Bello-Koko endorsing the deployment of E-tag technology as a viable solution during an expanded stakeholders meeting convened on April 23rd, 2024.

Following extensive discussions and strategic deliberations with key stakeholders and the NPA, TTP has committed to shouldering the entire financial burden of the project, signalling its unwavering dedication to fostering long-term investments in advancing the digital infrastructure of Nigeria’s ports.

The project which will further enable the ease of doing business for the port and its community, underscores TTP’s steadfast commitment to driving efficiency and promoting the adoption of cutting-edge technology within the maritime sector, in supporting the goals of the NPA and the Presidential Enabling Business Environment Committee (PEBEC).

Jama Onwubuariri, Managing Director of TTP, expressed the company’s commitment, stating, “We are dedicated to investing hundreds of millions in this project, because we firmly believe in the long-term sustainability of the port ecosystem and are proud to partner with the NPA and the Ministry of Marine and Blue Economy to deploy E-tag technology, paving the way for enhanced efficiency and security, and further enabling and easing the business environment for the nation.”

Key highlights of the deployment agreement include that “TTP will finance the entire deployment, alleviating any financial burden on truck owners and stakeholders.

“The initiative will cover all trucks accessing both Apapa and Tincan Island ports, including industrial company trucks. The E-tag will be configured as an electronic secure tagging system with embedded MSS and other port compliance requirements can be securely embedded, replacing the need for tamper-susceptible paper MSS, and enabling real-time monitoring of truck safety status. Deployment will proceed upon formal approval to commence by the Authority.

“TTP firmly believes that the adoption of RFID technology, coupled with the E-tag system, is essential to overcoming challenges and enhancing security and compliance measures within Nigerian ports.

“The integrated solution, developed in-house by TTP’s team of experts, is meticulously designed to address industry-specific needs and combat fraudulent activities by truckers.
By embracing this collaborative effort, the NPA demonstrates its commitment to technological advancement, security enhancement within the maritime industry, and the ease of doing business for the nation and its citizens.

“TTP looks forward to working closely with the NPA to ensure the successful deployment and integration of E-tag technology, marking a significant step towards a more efficient and secure port ecosystem”

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