Excitements As Price of 12.5kg Cooking Gas Crashes to N6,950


12.5kg cooking gas cylinder


Following President Bola Tinubu’s inauguration on May 29th 2023 and his declaration that the fuel subsidy is gone, the price of cooking gas has continued to drop everyday.

Before now, the 12.5 kg of cooking gas ranged between N9,375 and N13,000, but now, it goes for N6,950.

On Sunday, a Twitter user, Wale Adedayo, took to the microblogging platform to share a receipt for cooking gas purchased on June 1.

Cooking gas receipt from Gasland

He wrote “12.5kg of Cooking Gas in May – N9375, 12.5Kg of Cooking Gas in June – N6950. Maybe…just maybe…we should speak out when prices go down too. This feels good,” he wrote

The receipt was also shared by many others on Twitter in different contexts.

Some users argued that the drop in the price of gas is an indication that the price of petrol will also crash with time, when the subsidy is finally removed.

Others also said the government deserves to be applauded for the current price of gas.

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