Actor “Woli G of Lagos” Seeks Loan Facilities, HMO’s for Actors, Producers

Actor, Woli G of Lagos

Actor, Woli G of Lagos

…Says It’s Amazing How Skit Making is Turning Lives Around in Nigeria


Fast rising actor, entertainer and content creator, Mr. Desmond Ajibode Opeyemi, popularly known as “Woli G of Lagos” has charged the Federal Government to create an enabling environment for actors, content creators and film producers to thrive, through the establishment of special loans and financial assistance.

Woli G of Lagos in an interview with newsmen in Lagos at the weekend also called on the federal government to invest and subsidize the purchase of latest equipments for film production purposes.

According to him, there is need for the federal government and relevant authorities to create a functioning film village just like the American Hollywood, and also creating an HMO schemes (Health Maintainance Organisation) for actors.

Woli G of Lay Lay
Woli G of Lagos

Woli G of Lagos have won several awards as an Actor including the Next Rated Actor 2019. He is also a businessman, a lover of politics, and supporter of good governance.

See full text of interview below:

QUESTION: Can you give us a brief introduction of yourself, Who is Woli G of Lay Lay?

ANSWER: Woli G (Desmond Ajibode Opeyemi) Popularly known as Woli G of Lay Lay was born in early 80s Sept 21st to the royal family of Ajibode in iju ishaga Lagos, an indigene of Lagos state, ifako Ijaiye Local Government.
I graduated from the university of ibadan where he studied Psychology, I worked with different firms like Tv station, Telecommunication company, Information Technology and also at the Bank before delving into full time acting in 2013.

QUESTION: What motivated you to go into acting and the world of skit making?

ANSWER: Entertainment generally has been my way of life right from childhood, at first, I wanted to be a musician but my parents weren’t in support except education, I was into music with the likes of Terry G, clever Jay, Sam Klef and the rest way back in Iju, at the same time I was in a drama group in church which I was very good at, After acquiring my first degree in 2007, I got employed into an information Technology firm, there, the corporate life started, which I did for a number of years, I decided to quit the white collar job for what I have Passion for in 2013, I was a banker with the then Sykebank now Polaris Bank, I got motivated how lots of customers will walk into the banking hall and say “oh guy you really look like an entertainer (Celebrity)
So, I decided to give it a shot by attending some movie auditions in Surulere and other parts of Lagos during weekends my free time.
The year 2013, I made the very bold decision of quitting banking for Acting.
It wasn’t an easy journey. In order to brush-up my talent, most importantly, to know the rudiments of acting, I enrolled at the Odunfa Film Institute owned by Ogogo and Yinka Quadri at Ebute Meta, where I learned for almost 4 years before I became an independent actor.
I’m a full time actor, skit making is just by the side for me as I do it whenever I’m not in location just to always keep my fans entertained, I don’t see myself as a comedian, I am just a versatile Actor that can interpret any roles including comedy.

QUESTION: Talking about Acting, what are challenges faced by upcoming actors in order to break even? Would you still consider yourself as an upcoming actor?

ANSWER: Not exactly. I have moved to a stage where my craft is now been paid for as an actor, I mean producers, production houses, production mangers now pay me to feature in their movies and I’m having a growing fan base all across, whereby people now recon with your face, oh that’s that Nollywood Actor Desmond or content Creator (SkitMaker) WOLI G. So, I will say that I have gone passed the stage of an upcoming

Also going through the stage of an upcoming actor is a very trying stage, a lot of people dump acting out of frustration , no producer will call you for work and the one that does, will demand a free service, believing that he or she is helping your career to grow. So, going through that stage for years without help is challenging, but with lots of hard-work and persistence, one will break even, just don’t quit.
Before getting to this level, I remembered how I was known across all audition venues in lagos, name it, you will always find me there and imagine having over 500 people coming to audition for a particular role, that’s where your talent, craft and most importantly grace comes in.

As a full time actor I never believe I’ll be creating one minute video, because I don’t see myself as a comedian or doing it, I only want to be featured in big movies and series as usual. So, the skit thing started like a joke for me just to keep my fans entertained all the time, but to my greatest surprise the acceptance has been overwhelming.

Woli G of Lay Lay: Content creation is a Craft
Woli G of Lay Lay: Content creation is a Craft

QUESTION: Skit making or content creation business is an evolving market in Nigerian entertainment, how lucrative is it really?

ANSWER: It’s amazing how skit making is turning life’s around, it’s very lucrative and at the same time lots of energy has to be put into your content to make it unique and different, there are lots of content creators out there doing wonderfully well, so to join the league, lots of hard work and creativity has to be put in place

QUESTION: What are the challenges of the entertainment business?

ANSWER: Entertainment generally these days is very challenging and competitive, so filming and content creating is no exception, many a times, lots of effort will be put in shooting a movie or creating a content and you get low turnout, it can be so discouraging but with persistence and perseverance, one will definitely get there as consistency is the key

QUESTION: What are your projections for the Nigerian entertainment industry, especially under the new incoming administration?

ANSWER: There is not doubt the Nigerian entertainment industry is growing really big across board, I’ll only suggest our government to really look inward and support the industry as it’s hugely contributing to the GDP of the nation economy.

QUESTION: Can you state in specific terms, areas where the industry need interventions from government, and how would you set agenda for the incoming administration?

ANSWER: by Investing and subsidizing recent equipments for film production purposes, by giving Loan facilities to actors for film production, creating a functioning film village just like the Hollywood and also by creating an HMO scheme for actors.

QUESTION: Has there been any international acceptance of your craft so far since you started?

ANSWER: Yes of course, I have lots of fans in diaspora, most especially across Europe, US and some parts of Africa watching my movies and content

QUESTION: Let’s talk about the “Japa” syndrome among the youths today, what is your take on this Japa issue especially among entertainers?

ANSWER: Well, people have different reasons for wanting to travel outside the country (Japa) not only entertainers, everyone is one way or the other looking for greener pastures. But at the same time, we cannot all abandon the country for other developed countries, all in the name of greener pastures, my advise to the youths is to believe in yourselves, it is the citizens of these developed countries that made sacrifices to stay and build their nation, if they hadn’t done that, you wouldn’t wa t to travel there today. Likewise, Nigerians must have a positive mindset and always pray for Nigeria, an average American will wake up in the morning and say, God bless America, Nigerians can do the same.

QUESTION: Let’s talk about your Acting Career, what is the most challenging role you have taken on so far?

ANSWER: Well every role has been smooth for me as I have acted them during training school and also in church before I became independent, I have featured in lots of movies including various series, and all has been awesome, except when I played a warrior in an English Epic movie KUVANA which was filmed for over a month in Ogun State

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