NPA Stops Terminal Operators, Shipping Companies from Collecting Charges on Export Cargoes


Muhammed Bello-Koko


The Nigerian Ports Authority (NPA) has warned terminal operators and Shipping Companies to stop collecting charges on export containers arriving at various terminals for loading, except requested by the Nigeria Customs Service.

Consequently, NPA has said that charges including; Cargo Examination Charge, Weighbridge/ VGM charge, Stuffing charge. Storage Charge, Extra Service charge would only be collected by Export Processing Terminals (EPTs).

In a statement issued on its official Facebook page on Friday, the authority said “In complying with Executive Order 001 as it relates to the Authority’s creation of export terminals within the ports, the Managing Director, Mohammed Bello Koko, briefed Terminal Operators and Shipping Companies on the take-off of the Export Processing Terminals (EPTs).

“In order to ensure that the operation does not conflict with existing service lines of Terminal Operators and Shipping Companies, the Authority outlined the following which will henceforth take place at the EPTs and be charged ONLY BY EPTs.
a. Cargo Examination Charge
b. Weighbridge/ VGM charge
c. Stuffing charge. Storage Charge
e. Extra Service charge

“Terminal operators are not allowed to CHARGE ANY export box or cargoes arriving at the terminal en route for loading EXCEPT where specifically requested by Customs or other government agencies in which case appropriate & verifiable documentation shall be provided by the Terminal Operator upon demand by the government.

“The Authority is at an advanced stage of integrating the CBN NXP to the Eto requirements to eliminate the ability of ANY shipping line to deliver any export box to your terminals without concluding the NXP requirements thus DUMPING such boxes in the terminals with its associated challenges” it stated

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