ANLCA Crisis: Warring Parties Set Aside Controversial 2020 Constitution


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…As Fifth Columnists Move to Truncate Peace Deal


There are indications that the five-year old crisis in the Association of Nigerian Licensed Customs Agents (ANLCA) is gradually coming to an end, even as the two warring factions have agreed to set aside the controversial constitution amendment of 2020 and rather work with the 2008 constitution that was used to swear-in the Tony Iju Nwabunike’s administration.

There are indications also that some clandestine forces are working to truncate the peaceful agreements so far reached in order to bring about lasting peace in the association.

DAILY TREND investigations revealed that a petition was recently written against the Secretary of the Alhaji Taiwo Mustapha led Board of Trustees (BOT) Prince Taiye Oyeniyi and Police officers allegedly swarmed his residence on account of this.

Findings showed that the petition was written based on the hoodlum attack on the Tin Can Island Port Chapter Secretariat in October 2022, whereby a prominent member of the association, Mr Wale Cole was attacked and almost lost his life.

When he was contacted by DAILY TREND on Friday, Prince Taiye Oyeniyi confirmed the invasion of his house by police officers despite the peaceful meeting both parties had held earlier.

He argued that the attack on Mr Wale Cole was perpetrated by some thugs allegedly invited by the opposition and that the Taiwo Mustapha led BOT nor the interim administration then, knew nothing about it.

Prince Oyeniyi however expressed confidence in the assurances given by Dr Kayode Farinto who according to him said the petition does not signal any fresh troubles and that the peace deal was still in progress.

Speaking, he said “The AIG maritime has intervened. It was in connection with the matter that has happened over three months ago. I challenged Farinto and he has assured me that the issue has been on before the peace move.

“However we shall know what further action to take if the petition is followed-up by the petitioner

“The Police came to my house without any invitation, it was the same SP that decided to do what he did the last time when myself, Oforbike, Charles and others were locked-up before we later took up the matter.
I have reported him to the AIG and the AIG has spoken to their boss” he said

Prince Oyeniyi also confirmed that there is light at the end of the tunnel in the ANLCA Crisis.

He said that both parties agreed for the Nigerian Police to approach the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) to ascertain the authentic BOT of ANLCA. Thereafter, whichever Board of Trustees is not registered by the CAC, especially with the evidence of a Status Report, shall backdown and support the registered

“The Police are working on the authenticity of the documentation that was forwarded to them by both parties. After this verification, there would be a pronouncement from the police and this would be the end of the problem”

“But we have agreed that ASECO would be constituted with three from our side and two from their side, the five board members here stays, while the other party brings four people to make up the board.

‘Also, elections would be held with an Annual General Meeting (AGM) and not through a selection process.
The NECOM election would come first.

“There is a mutual agreement now that the controversial 2020 constitution has been put to rest, the one we are adopting now is the one used to swear-in the last NECOM, this makes it better.

“The last move here is the status of the BOT, if this is achieved, the five year crisis is finally over” Prince Oyeniyi stated.

When he was contacted National Secretary of the association, Alhaji Abdulazees Babatunde Mukaila noted that there were many suggestions were made at the last peace meeting in order to ensure reconciliation.

He however said that these suggestions would be ratified at an elaborate Annual General Meeting (AGM) of ANLCA which would be called any moment from now.

“Many suggestions was made for peace and reconciliation of the crisis from both sides.
However,all the suggestions acceptability or ,otherwise will be ratified by general members at imminent Annual general meetings to be called” Mukaila clarified

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