Die Hard Football Fan Regrets Tattooing “Messi” On His Face


A die-hard fan of Argentina football legend, Lionel Messi, Mike Jambs has expressed regrets for having his face tattooed with the footballer’s name.

Recently through TikTok, the user identified as @mikejambs went viral as he made the decision to tattoo the player’s last name, Messi, due to the great emotion felt by the victory of the player and the whole country, which made him quickly receive criticism and praise for his bravery.

The surprise came later, as he did not take long to say that at the beginning he felt very proud to have the name of Messi, the Argentinean soccer player on his forehead, but then he realized all the negative things that his decision brought to his life and the consequences he would have to live with now because of an unforeseen decision.

“I was very proud the first few days, of what I had done and achieved, but I must confess that I regret having the tattoo. I regret it because, instead of bringing me positive things, negative things came,” he said about the Messi tattoo.

Now, the young man is looking for a way to remove the tattoo and made it public:

“I want to erase my tattoo. I really don’t know how a procedure like that works, I don’t know where they do these procedures, I don’t know how it works, but I’m sure I want it removed”, he concluded.

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