Freight Forwarders Petition FG Over Nigeria Customs Idleness for 1-week, Due to Server Failures


The 100% Compliance Team of the National Association of Government Approved Freight Forwarders (NAGAFF) has petitioned the Federal Ministry of Finance over alleged idleness of the Nigeria Customs Service for the past one week due to server failures by its service provider; Webb Fontaine.

Ibrahim Tanko
Ibrahim Tanko

The association alleged that since Thursday, 1st, August, 2022, no single declaration of cargo has been treated by the customs.

In the petition dated 7th of September 2022, Chairman of the NAGAFF 100% Compliance Team, Alhaji Tanko Ibrahim alleged that freight forwarders are suffering huge losses and demurrages due to the incompetence of the customs service providers.

The association subsequently demanded the immediate cancellation of the contract between Customs and Webb Fontaine, saying that it is killing the Nigerian economy.

The petition reads in part “We write in utter frustration at the shoddy, unprofessional and un-economic services being rendered by Webb FONTAINE. This company as you well know solely provides IT infrastructure to the Nigeria Customs services.

“Over time, this company has proved grossly incompetent and utterly indifferent to our plight,to the detriment of Nigeria’s economy.

“The rate at which their server fails have become unbearable.
Since this year, we have witnessed several server failures.

“Since Thursday, 1st, August, 2022, no single declaration has been treated by the customs.
There is a total shutdown.

“We beg to ask if Webb FONTAINE will bear the cost of demurrage that has accumulated.?
As we write, the entire Customs Service are idle.

“They cannot process import and export entries. You can imagine the quantum loss to the economy.

“On our part, the attendant demurrage has ruined our businesses and relationships with our shippers and importers.

“We therefore call out Webb FONTAINE as economic saboteurs. Over here, the restiveness among freight Forwarders is brewing hot.

“We therefore call on your good office to review the contract of the said service provider. A cancellation of the contract is most ideal”

“Another service provider who is more proactive and sensitive to our needs must come in.
Accept the assurances of our high regards”

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