ACCIDENT: LNG Tanker Collides with Bulk Carrier with 24 Crew Onboard

Bulk carrier OS 35 collided with LNG tanker Adam LNG in the Port of Gibraltar on 29 August as it was manoeuvring to exit. Although the tanker only suffered minor damage, the OS 35 was making water at the bow and was directed to a location off Catalan Bay to beach and prevent it from sinking.

The Government of Gibraltar says no-one was injured in the collision or the subsequent grounding of the vessel. The OS 35 is carrying 24 crew, all of which are currently still on board, at the request of the captain of the vessel.

The vessel is beached just over 200 metres off Catalan Bay. The bow of the vessel is resting on the seabed in 17 metres of water, listing only by three degrees to starboard. This morning, the Gibraltar Port Authority (GPA) stated that the vessel has remained stable overnight without any significant developments.

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