NAGAFF Allegedly “Feeding-Fat” on Nigerian Shippers Council



Fresh indications have emerged that the National Association of Government Approved Freight Forwarders (NAGAFF) might have been only sustaining and feeding fat on alleged “give aways” from the Nigerian Shippers Council.

A former chieftain of NAGAFF Comrade Godfrey Emeka Nwosu made the allegation in a chat with newsmen in Lagos at the weekend. He alleged that the arms coming from Shippers Council in forms of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) but it was never declared or made known to members of the association.

Nwosu who had a falling-out with the association sometimes in year 2020, was unceremoniously expelled from NAGAFF, allegedly on orders from the founder of NAGAFF, Dr Boniface Aniebonam.

Nwosu who is currently the Chairman, Tin Can Island Port Chapter, Africa Association of Professional Freight Forwarders and Logistics Of Nigeria (APFFLON) expressed deep regrets working for NAGAFF for almost 21years.

The freight forwarder further stated that NAGAFF as a body of freight forwarders lack visionary leadership noting that the association is a family of personal interest.

He further alleged that NAGAFF has been feeding fat from the Nigerian Shippers’Council adding that nobody was aware of this goodwill from the Council as part of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) for the association.

Nwosu maintained that ” I had been a member of NAGAFF for 21years, contesting elections, won elections, convince people to join NAGAFF because I know how many people I brought to the association; I convinced people to joined me in NAGAFF at Tin Can Island Port here”

“I know people that join NAGAFF at Tin Can because of Emeka Nwosu. I regretted been a member of NAGAFF because unceremoniously and application that was used to dismiss me for no offense of mine stated in writing that I committed.

“They didn’t tell me I stole, embezzle or I use the name of NAGAFF or anti Association; but based on the directive of the founder I was by expelled.

“Is that not a good case of litigation? But I just left that behind me because I have where am going. So I don’t want any distraction for now.

“I didn’t commit anything but just because I asked questions and challenged the council for tenure elongation for two years which has come to stay.

“That I challenged Hassan Bello about the anomalies in Shippers Council and I realised because nobody told me that Shippers Council has been feeding NAGAFF, nobody told me that Shippers Council has been sustaining NAGAFF, they didn’t tell me and all the while you will come to tell us that you have spent billions and billions for NAGAFF.

“You never told us the source of income or goodwill from well meaning social responsible partners. He didn’t say that. It was never said.”

Asked about any litigation in the future, Nwosu said “Litigation has no expiry date but depend on your interest” adding that “You can dust a file for twenty years then seek redress.”

“I have the fundamental right to do that if I consider it would discourage such act in the future ” he said

However in a later response to Nwosu’s allegations, a NAGAFF Chieftain, Mr Stanley Ejiogu, Vice Chairman of NAGAFF Tin Can chapter described the allegations on NAGAFF as a joke taken too far.

In a statement on a public platform monitored by our correspondent, Ejiogu said “We the members of NAGAFF have been watching with rapt attension all the taunts on DR B.O. ANIEGBONAM , since Emeka nwosu was expelled from NAGAFF.

“Indeed he erred and was expelled . No person is bigger than an organization. Every organization has rules and regulations and any member of such organization who defalts or goes inconsistent with the norms constituted in that organization will get a punitive measure.

“There should be due process in any organization . Emeka Nwosu is a man who does not believe in due process or organigram or organizational chat.

“He is too bossy and too egocetric and that earned him a sack from NAGAFF.

“How can he use the association’s letter heading to write against shippers council secretary HASSAN BELLO? what ever point he may have about the anomalies in shippers council , it will be assumed it is NAGAFF headquaters that wrote it.

“There were image tanishing write up some time against the firmer CAC M.B.A MUSA of tincan and the command through the secretary of the federal government and this caused NAGAFF a lot of embarassment.

“He is too overzealous. when u want to do such a writeup courtsy demands that u should notify the high command. You dont just go into the media and make an embarassing publication and it will be assumed that it is NAGAFF sponsored.

“He has done this severally and was cautioned before now.

“This writeup on accusation of collecting money from shippers council is a joke taken too far and we want him to retrieve this writup and appologise or we shall take a legal action where we shall demand evidence of financial empowerment by shippers council” he said

NOTE: This report was adjusted to reflect NAGAFF Chieftain, Stanley Ejiogu’s position

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