Tin Can Island Port Sitting on Gun Powder—Terminal Operators Raise Alarm

Nigerian Ports Authority (NPA)


A RoRo terminal operator at Tin Can Island Port, PTML Terminal, has raised an alarm of an impending implosion at the port due to lack access control by security agencies, especially at landside and port side of the jetties.

At a meeting with the Assistant Inspector General of Police (AIG), Maritime, AIG Ibrahim Kaoje in Lagos last week, Oscar Alu, Group Security Manager of PTML Terminal raised the concerns, saying that hoodlums are in a constant attempt to unleash mayhem on vessels at berth, and forcefully gain entrance into terminals to cart away valuables.

DAILY TREND reports that the Tin Can Island Port has over the years maintained a reputation of being the most notorious port in Nigeria.

Alu described the surrounding communities of Tin Can Port as being hostile, adding that most the youths from the community loiter around the port trying to break into them to cart away items in the terminal and attack the vessels.

He said that porous external security arrangement is response for such incessant attacks.

Alu added that the recalcitrant youths always have their ways because of porous or unavailable external security arrangements.

While commending the Police Command for the efforts so far, he called on the police hierarchy to reawaken its synergy with other security operatives and stakeholders to nip the malady in the bud.

He however warned that if the security arrangement for the area continued to remain complacent, the outcome might be worse than the END-SARS protests which engulfed the nation in year 2020.

He said, “The major challenge is that, in this port, we have a lot of terminals, PTML, Grimaldi and others.

“We see hundreds of youths loitering round the facility doing everything possible to break into your terminal no matter what you have done to cater for internal security but the external security is still vulnerable 100 percent

“In Tincan Island port, we are sitting on keg of gunpowder. What this means is that everybody should wake up

“I think synergy has to be reawaken for all hands to be on deck failure which can lead to something worse than the END-SARS protest

“To the.other side which falls on the government agencies, there is serious challenge and the challenge is that once the vessel is at berth, you really can’t see what is on the other side, the harbour side of the vessel and we have Ogogoro village, this is a hostile community with a whole lot of people

“The issue of stoaways started from this community and most times, we gave attacks on vessels, thieves robbing vessels, it all started from this community yet the waterways is not properly monitored.

“I think we still need the presence of marine police to monitor the waterways and monitor the berths because we don’t have their presence at the berths right now

“I appreciate the good jobs done so far, we commend your command but you need to add.more fuel to your vehicle,” he admonished.

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