SHIPPERS COUNCIL: Lagos Shippers Rubishes Jime’s Leadership Style, Call for Release of Cargo Defence Fund

Vice President of ANLCA, Dr Kayode Farinto


The Shippers Association Lagos State (SALS) have condemned the administrative style of the Executive Secretary of Nigerian Shippers Council, Mr Emmanuel Jime since he assumed office seven months ago, alleging that matters concerning Nigerian shippers and importers have been neglected.

Addressing journalists in Lagos yesterday, SALS spokesman, Dr Kayode Farinto lamented that since Jime took over from Barr Hassan Bello, he has refused to give listening ears to the complaints of the shippers, despite the fact that they occupy an office space within the Shippers Council headquarters in Apapa.

To this end, the SALS have threatened to vacate the Shippers Council headquarters building, saying that the atmosphere is never conducive.

Even though the Council has now become an economic regulator of the port, Farinto argued that the Shippers Council has neglected its primary mandate in Section 3, sub-section C of the NSC Act under number 13 which mandates it to establish shippers associations in various states, and protect their interest.

“The style of administration of the Executive Secretary of the NSC, Emmanuel Jime is different from that of his predecessor, Hassan Bello. Yes, he likes doing things quietly, but we the Shippers are yet to see the results of what he has been doing since he came on board seven months ago.

“If Hadiza Bala Usman can come to the Nigerian Ports Authority (NPA) and start achieving in 90 days, why can the NSC Executive Secretary? He is not a greenhorn in the maritime industry.

“Maybe it’s too early to start rating the man, but Shippers have been treated with disdain since he came on board. Shippers have not been given the right recognition and cooperation that is expected from an economic regulator.

“We have made a lot of complaints, but it looks as if maybe because we are a tenant at the NSC, nobody listens to us. So, maybe if we get an independent accommodation where nobody pays our rent except ourselves, maybe people in authority will listen to us more.”

On the Cargo Defence Fund, the SALS spokesman said it will collaborate with Government agencies to ensure it doesn’t become moribund like the Cabotage Vessel Financing Fund (CVFF).

“Cargo Defence Fund is for the Shippers. It is there to help shippers cushion the effect of the harsh realities of the economy in the face of COVID-19 and other issues. This year, we will look into it to ensure it doesn’t become moribund like the CVFF,” the SALS Spokesman added.

The Cargo Defence Fund is an initiative of Nigerian Shippers Council to mitigate losses incurred by shippers, especially small time importers and exporters, who may not have the financial muscle to pursue their legitimate maritime claims.

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  1. While not encouraging non performance by any Government official ,Kayode Farinto is a Licensed Customs Agent and the current Vice President of ANLCA and not a SHIPPER much more a spokesman of SHIPPERS, please what is going on ?
    Can’t we for once have peace in the Maritime Industry?

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