ANLCA Western Zone Visits Custom Formations to Tackle Members Challenges—- Bayo Oyekangun


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The Western Zone leadership of Association of Nigerian Licensed Customs Agents (ANLCA) under the leadership of Sir John Oforbike recently embarked on visits to major customs formations in order to address various challenges faced by licensed customs agents on the field.

Speaking with DAILY TREND NEWS exclusively, elected Zonal Secretary of ANLCA Western Zone, Mr Bayo Oyekangun said that the Western Zone leadership have been inundated with operational challenges of members and it subsequently swung into action.

He lamented that because of the three-years old leadership crisis in ANLCA, most of the activities of the zone were left undone. According to him, the leadership of the Zone under Sir Oforbike could not act due to an existing court order which stops all National Executives of ANLCA from parading themselves in office.

As law abiding citizens, the Zone had laid low in order to avoid clashes.

“From the courts, we have been asked to step aside, how would I now go to a command and introduce myself as Zonal Secretary or Zonal Cordinator, we cannot.

“But when we were now appointed as Western Zone Leaders, this is when we decided to carry out some amendments. There are lots of lapses in the port which we need to correct.

“The last time we went to the Federal Operations Unit of Customs, we were able to let them know what is happening on the roads, at the end of the day, the controller promised to work on it, and we were able to see that he has actually worked on it

“We also went to Seme Border, we believe that not much is going at Seme border, meanwhile in the northern side, their borders are open and work is going on there, but here there is no work. We just went to Seme to pay solidarity visit on our members so that they can know that they belong somewhere, give them encouraging words to avoid depression.

“We also went to Zone A of the customs to lay out challenges before them.

“One of the major challenge is multiple alerts, we have been tackling this for a long time.

“Somebody called my attention to the Customs Police, that at APM Terminals, after writing TDO and for you to take delivery, they would tell you the cargo has been blocked by customs police, so you have to go to their office. We discussed this with the ACG as some of the challenges and she promised to act on it” Oyekangun stated.

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