How Russian Navy Rescued MSC Container Ship Attacked Off Niger Delta


The Russian Naval Group was reported to have rescued MSC LUCIA, the vessel that came under attack in the Gulf of Guinea off the coast of Nigeria on Monday

After receiving alert message from the container ship, Russian Navy ships steamed to assist, but long before approaching MSC LUCIA, destroyer VICE-ADMIRAL KULAKOV scrambled a helicopter with team of mariners.

MSC LUCIA’s crew meanwhile, were mustered in engine room.

Seeing the approaching helicopter, the pirates left the ship and fled.

MSC LUCIA was freed, according to Russian Navy HQ statement, but no other details were provided.

As of 0140 UTC Oct 26, the vessel was under way sailing towards Douala, her port of destination, escorted by Russian Naval Group.

The ship was attacked at around 0900 UTC Oct 25 in Gulf of Guinea while en route from Lome Togo to Douala Cameroon, ETA Oct 27.

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