MAN Oron Rector Dissatisfied At Academy’s Lecturers, Shops for Foreigners


…As Language Barrier Stall Training of Equatorial Guinea Cadets


The Rector of Maritime Academy of Nigeria (MAN) located in Oron, Akwa Ibom State, Commodore Duja Effedua has expressed his dissatisfaction at the number of lecturers currently available at the academy, even as he said that the academy is desirous of employing foreigners.

He said that this would be in addition to the 68 professionals ready employed by the academy.

The MAN Oron Rector also said that Equatorial Guinea, a Central African country had written to request training for Guinean Cadets. He however opened up on the training, saying that language barrier was affecting the training of the cadets.

Duja who was speaking during a panel session at the just concluded Nigerian Maritime Summit (NIMS) on Tuesday, said that so far, the academy has two foreign lecturers from India, and hopes to get more hands from there.

He said that it is saddening to note that many of the cadets trained under MAN Oron are now Uber Drivers due to Lack of employment and the large number of cadets being churned out at the academy before his arrival.

Speaking, the MAN Oron Rector said “Our faculties are very strong, we have been been able to employ over 68 professionals including 2 from our allies from India”

“In the next four years now, my mission is to ensure that the faculties are strengthened. Talking about equipment, we lack nothing now, taking about lecturers, we are okay for now but I am still not satisfied, I need more lecturers from our international allies, if you have any connections please help us, on my own strength I am doing my best to get more”

Meanwhile, Duja said the academy is trying to resolve the language barrier in training of the cadets from Equatorial Guinea.

“We are still trying to resolve the impasse of language challenges, we would start from somewhere and definitely get there”

“Our own job at the academy is to train you, prepare you and let go. For a seafarer, training is continuous until the day you leave, some of the shipowners like Starz Investments, after employing our seafarers, they still go further to train them, so, training should not be left to the academy alone”

“Talking about employment, it is sad and pathetic, I hear some of the cadets turned Uber Drivers because we were training so many, now we are training only 300”

“When the young graduates from other Nigerian institutions come out, nobody looks for job for them, but here we are doing our best” he stated.

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