CRFFN is a Fraud, Custom Broker Urges FG to Repeal Council’s Act

Olumide Fakanlu

…Says Shippers Council Registration Double Taxation

Frontline customs broker and former chairman of Apapa chapter of Association of Nigerian Licensed Customs Agents (ANLCA) Olumide Fakanlu has described the Council for the Regulation of Freight Forwarding in Nigeria (CRFFN) as a fraudulent Council, calling on the Federal government to repeal the Act.

Fakanlu also lamented that the Nigerian Shippers Council is planning to register all freight forwarding companies at N25,000 even though the CRFFN was already carrying out same registration with 35,000.

Speaking, the ANLCA top man stated that “The CRFFN is a fraudulent creation, there is nothing like CRFFN in other advanced countries, they have not served any purpose since 2007 that the Act was established.

“The main idea of the Council came out of one man’s greedy interest, ANLCA only dabbled into it with the hope of rescuing the situation and they have ended up adding to the problem.

“I would suggest that the Council should be delisted and the Act should be repealed.

“The POF that is causing all these noise is caused by our association dues that we normally collect at the port gate, just like area boys, but somebody went to the court that we should stop collecting money at the gate and that we should go and collect at our secretariat”

“The case has backfired on him also because he too cannot collect anything now

“This was why they brought POF, they used CRFFN to cover up, the only thing they were after is to force people to pay the money” he said

According to the former Apapa Chapter of ANLCA, the Nigerian Shippers Council has asked all freight forwarding companies to start registering with the Council with N25,000 per agency.

He stated that Shippers Council should not have allowed CRFFN Act to be passed into law, knowing fully well that they would be in charge freight forwarders registration.

“When they knew we would be registered with them and why did they allow government to pass the CRFFN law”

“I blame the Minister of Transportation that met something on ground and he was going on with it, all in the name of collecting money for the government, at the end of the day, he would be blamed”

“CRFFN registration for corporate license is N35,000, while for the individual it is N15,000”

“The new Executive Secretary is trying to impress the government so he wants to enforce the registration” Fakanlu stated

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