Maritime Education: Stop Travelling Abroad For Training, MAN Oron Rector Charge Seafarers


Rector of Maritime Academy of Nigeria (MAN) in Oron, Akwa Ibom State, Duja Effedua has urged Nigerian seafarers to stop wasting their money by travelling abroad to get trained on basic maritime and seafaring courses.

Effedua stated this recently at the commissioning of newly acquired simulators for the academy.

Effedua assured seafarers that whatever form of training they want to undergo abroad is now available at the academy with same certificate.

For example, he said a Simulation Awareness course in Dubai for one student costs about 2000 US Dollars. Meanwhile, MAN Oron as an institution based in Nigeria can conduct same course for Nigerians for between 500 to 700 US Dollars equivalent in Naira.

On the prospect of offering training to the oil and gas industry which used to be done abroad at a very expensive rate, the Rector explained that, “The programmes are there. Whatever form of training that anybody wants to go and do abroad is now available here”

“For example, Simulation awareness course in Dubai for one person vost about 2000 Dollars. As an institution based in Nigeria, we can do that same course for Nigerians for between 500 to 700 Dollars equivalent in Naira”

“The certificates are same, the training are same, so if anybody choses to go to Dubai and spend so much on a training that can be done here in Nigeria for twice as low, it’s the persons choice”

“We will gladly do it for that low price because the aim of the Federal Government is to build capacity, not to make profit”

“Trainings done abroad like the Dynamic Positioning training, High Voltage training which are done abroad at huge cost can now be done here at the Academy for twice as low of what they will spend going abroad”

Speaking on the simulators, the MAN Oron Rector explained that in all, the Academy now has ten simulators.

In his words, “We have the Full Mission Bridge simulator, the Full Mission Engine Room simulator.
“The Multi-Functional Classroom is a combination of eight simulators.

“The software’s are there for whatever programme that the instructor want to run. For example, if the student wants to learn Rules Of the Road, the system will change to Rules Of The Road. If it is GMDSS that the instructor wants to teach, the system will change to GMDSS.

“This is the latest in the world of simulation because the regular generic simulators cant train more than four or five people at a time. Whatever you saw at the Full Mission Bridge can be done at the Multi-Functional Classroom.” he said

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