ANLCA Board Apologises For Dragging Members Into Prolonged Crisis



The Board of Trustees (BOT) of the Association of Nigerian Licensed Customs Agents (ANLCA) has apologised to all members of the association for allowing leadership scuffles within the board to disrupt the peace and unity in the association for the past two years.

Chairman of ANLCA board, Alhaji Taiwo Mustapha in a 2021 new year message to members lamented that the over two years crisis has been a most difficult and painful one, personally for him, for the BOT and many well meaning members.

He however assured that the board is exploring all avenues to ensure that peace returns into the association.

He appealed to all members of ANLCA not to make themselves available as instruments of disunity, enmity and opposition.

“I am not unaware of the great burden this unnecessary crisis in the leadership tussle within the BOT has caused all of us, particularly the larger non leadership members, on whose mandate the BOT, NECOM and NEC, derive authority”

“For this larger house and members, I apologise that we dragged you into this crisis. This was nothing but due to one individual big headedness, ego, and stubbornness; lack of consideration, intolerance and individual atrophies who refused to honour simple democratic principles that gave him the mandate to lead the board in late 2014”

“However, be assured that the BOT under my leadership and with the assurances of the conscientious members will continue to explore all available and legitimate avenue to resolve all contending and outstanding issues. We strongly believe that together, in unity, make the best of the New Year for our industry”

Mustapha also alleged that the BOT has severally, formally and informally communicated with the ANLCA National Executive Committee (NECOM) on the need to dialogue, but that unfortunately, all efforts have have always been trashed or treated with insincere dispositions.

He assured that BOT is not deterred, and that it shall continue to explore all responsible and legitimate means to ensure that the crisis is brought to a terminal end.

“May I respectfully make it abundantly clear that nobody has the monopoly of mischief. The BOT under my leadership remains the only legally and validly recognized board; and as such, I urge you to dismiss any impression of any other BOT. You can’t place nothing upon nothing”

“You may recall towards the end of last year, the BOT brought the matter to the attention of the Western Zone in a well attended town hall meeting in Lagos; with the hope of meeting with the other zones; so as to dialogue and get feedback on the way forward”

“ANLCA members nationwide used to be united by faith and common interest, and therefore, the BOT believe the urgent need to crush the monster that pretends to be working for and not against a formidable united ANLCA”

“One thing is certain. Truth is constant and will surely prevail, irrespective of how long and slow it takes. For the five of us who voted against two on the 13th April 2018, i make bold to say that we remain steadfast holding on to this mandate not because of any material benefit, but we should defend our simple democratic settings. No pretencious individual is bigger than the association”

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