Pirates Reportedly Hijack Product Tanker, ERRINA in Gulf of Guinea

A product tanker; Errina was reported to have been hijacked on Thursday while trading in the Gulf of Guinea, even as the vessel AIS has since been put off.

Product tanker ERRINA was reportedly attacked in the morning Oct 22 in Gulf of Guinea west of Sao Tome, or understood to be attacked, after tanker’s SSAS was activated

Tanker is trading in Gulf of Guinea waters since last year, actually since she was built (2019). Her latest AIS signal dated Oct 20 after she left Limbe Terminal, Cameroon.

Not clear if she was attacked and boarded at the time of alert signal, or hijacked earlier.

No updates yet from any sources or concerned parties, AIS still off. No security/navy ships in attack area, either.

Incident is somewhat unusual, because as a rule, ships pop up hours after attack, with AIS on and attack detailed story. Such disappearances did occur regularly in the past, though, when pirates were after ships cargoes (mostly fuel from tankers). Tankers were hijacked for 2-3 and more days, to siphon fuel.

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