ANLCA Chairman Donates Escalade, 18-Seater Bus to Association At Tin Can Chapter



The Chairman of Association of Nigerian Licensed Customs Agents (ANLCA) at Tin Can Island Chapter, Prince Segun Oduntan has donated an Escalade, as well as Toyota Hiace bus to the association as part of his election campaign promises.

At the commissioning of the vehicles at Tin Can Port on Monday, ANLCA members were full of praises for their chairman, saying that the campaign promises he made while coming into office has been fulfilled and surpassed.

The members confirmed to our correspondent that this makes it the third operational vehicle the Chairman is donating for smooth running of the chapter.

Members of ANLCA Tin Can while commissioning the vehicles with prayers on Monday.

Speaking, Prince Segun Oduntan said Tin Can Island Port comprises of many offdock terminals and that it has always been difficult navigating around to solve challenges faced at various terminals.

He said the provision of the operational bus and the Escalade car would give the executives and the Cordinators some leverage to act swiftly.

“At Tin Can Port, we have a lot of offdock terminals, most of the challenges we have there has to do with lack of mobility to go round and solve challenges faced by our members”

“As somebody who likes to do something with perfection, it has been my intention to give another vehicle to the Association because it is still not enough.
You can see that the Women in ANLCA are also demanding for one, which I am going to look into it personally”

“Within this period, we have seen a lot of gap between stakeholders and the customs, what we intend to do now is for everybody to be on the same page at Tin Can Port, no officer can claim to be 100% right without a prove of what he is saying”

“I want to see agents at tin can port getting the best of service from customs, terminal operators and shipping companies. I want to see a situation where a lot of importers would want to bring their cargoes through Tin Can port and they would get easy delivery without hindrance, a tin can as a hub where vessels are struggling to berth, the government meeting its target, and the agents too meeting their stomach” he said

The ANLCA Chairman has also redeemed part of his campaign promises with an health insurance scheme with Niger Insurance for ANLCA members.

He told our correspondent that after Niger Insurance folded up recently, his members have been going ahead to claim their money.

He said “Our people have been collecting their money ranging from N200,000 from the package he opened for them.
We have met all our campaign promises to the members when we were coming onboard”

Also speaking, Public Relations Officer of the Chapter, Mr Emmanuel Onyeme who was full of praises for the chairman noted that during their campaign, Oduntan promised to provide an operational bus, but to the greatest surprise of members, they got a bus and another car.

“This is an opportunity to rally round the Chairman, I know we have a lot of challenges, but the essence of giving us this operational vehicle is to be able to move round, see where we have the challenges and solve them among our members”

“The good work that the current exco is doing at Tin Can Island would speak for them in the next coming election, if people appreciate what we have done, definitely we would come back” Onyeme said

He confirmed that there has been a recent management reshuffling among senior customs officers at Tin Can Customs, and that this necessitated ANLCA reshuffling its various Cordinators at Tin Can port.

“With this, we would be able to move to different corners where we were unable to reach in the past to solve operational problems that may arise with this change of guard” he reiterated.

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