ANLCA Board Leadership in the Eyes of the Sun–By Dr Eugene Nweke

“The rich man is the moral man. Godliness is in league with riches” – Bishop Williams Lawrence.
Against my earlier resolve to ” sit down dey look” but in the face of an unfortunate unfolded events of last week, I couldn’t help but to up my pen on a paper again, in relation to  the seemingly endless bickerings and Supremacy tussles in ANLCA Board leadership.
Last week the Industry stakeholders were once again awakened with video clips and press notes on the social media platforms, of a media briefings put together by the ANLCA Board, in a self made style extending their tenurship by six (6) years in one hand and in the other hand, the National Secretary on behalf of the National Executive Committee notifying the Board of expiration of their tenurship dated 7th February, 2020.
I become worried and chooses to quiz:
“When will this present National Executive Committee of the Association be allowed to really concentrate to provide needed leadership with out distractions and interferences?”.
 Without sounding immodest, I was tempted to ask: “Is it that the ANLCA Board leadership can’t see the hand writing on the wall denoting : “Give Peace a Chance Now” or that ANLCA as an organization could be likened as an organ where great minds and fortunes were made and lost overnight, and morality seldom made the acquaintance of self fulfilment?.
 It is in this line of thoughts that, the above quote by Bishop Williams Lawrence beckons. I say so because, the  Board of any professional Association’s core objective is to support the National Executive leadership to harness the professional advocacy, leadership priorities and economic potentials for the good of the Profession, Members and the Organization growth itself.
   The present scenario rather suggests a vast, splendid, but most lawless and most savage period in the history of ANLCA. No matter the gravity of Association crisis, it has never been reckoned with plotting and conniving the enslavement of the professionals ( iñ the hands of industry hijacks via conscripted divide and rule) while leaders belabouring each other for power tussles,  in the reality of a dying Noble Profession.
  Sincerely speaking, I am tempted to state that, as it is in our political climate, so it does appears in ANLCA ( especially with the board extending their tenurship without recourse to executives members whose constitutional rights it is to decide so), ” where the love of power has taken stronger hold on the affections of men, at the detriment of the governed”.
French historian Alexis de Tocqueville put this assertion in better picture: ” The lure of wealth/power is therefore to be traced, as either a principal or accessory motive at the bottom of all that men do”..
However,  whether this motive promotes subtle collective harm in the face of individualistic striving was not apparent until there are clear demarcation between empire building and institution building.  Only then can the antics of dubious leaders  not be taunted as commercial titans  in pursuit of personal wealth as an overriding goal against constitutional objectives.
Though likened to our national political climate, but not without proffering answers to the question on the lips of stakeholders;” Is there monetary Interest in the boardship , which is beyond the eyes of the ordinary members other than deploying professional experience, maturity and wisdom towards the overall advocacy for the adherence of professional ethics and integrity, purposeful leadership delivery for the interest of the larger number , as expected on the part of the elected executives?”.
The truth is that, there is no Kobo milking and money sharing around in and within the boardship, other ascended honourable and esteemed position, unfortunately it turns out that men willfully resorts to misplacing thier leadership priorities on the altar of egocentrism.
 Without mincing words, the lengthened Anlca Board /executive leadership squabbles now assumes another dimension  whereby compelling its members, paying for these leadership excesses tagged power tussles.
 I recall read in the Washington Post an old article, noting thus: “At what point do we then do the right thing – given the extent of leadership wrongdoing often perpetrated by the most respectable and influential individuals?”.
This remarkable note registers deeply in me, so I wish to ask the ANLCA Board leadership again for the umpteenth time, in my innocency and layman’s understanding of this so-called squabbles; Whose core interests is being protected and projected by this respectable leaders at this levels official position?.
Now narrowing to basis, if no one cares to drive home an honest truth to the ANLCA Board/ National Executive leaderships, that their collective  actions and inactions constitutes a great deal why our Industry is at a pitiable state; agents are on daily basis being humiliated, insultated, call all manner of derogatory names, exploited, extorted,  helplessly running from pillar to post, and many are sick, so many have  died within this period, simple because all the accredited  Professional Associations Leadership seems to be working at cross purposes, especially, the ANLCA and the NAGAFF leadership, because non can single handedly fight the unfair industry treatments meted to the Forwarders and succeed hundred percent, excerpt by partnership/collaboration ( a working initiative).
I want to pen down here again, by asking  leadership at all level to individually judge our actions/motives on the premise of our oath of allegiance. In all our thoughts, utterance and deeds, does such actions and motives interdem with our  leadership obligations and ideals ( that is;  is it for the well being of the profession, professionals and the society at large?).
 I offer to say for the last time; gentlemen, professional colleagues let’s bury the hatchet, if not for any other considerations, for the interest of our dying profession.
Please, let go whatever interests that will further promote the sufferings of members who look up to you for professional leadership direction. This incessant distractions should end.
 It has been said that, greater sacrifices agitates the mind of a noble leader, this attribute is in all of you. So please toe the path of greater sacrifices for the survival of our professionals and profession. There is no better time to do so, other than now.
This short comments of mine, is not in any way intended to insult, belittle, anger or offend any one’s feelings, though punditive and punchy enough to serve the import of my  intent, expressions wise, it is indeed deliberate. But incase any one feels other wise, it then means that such individual should search his or her conscience deeply. Even at that, I apologise to such an individual, please positively  focus on the urgency at hand.
Without prejudice, I reiterate that, am merely expressing my deepest feelings, even with and without apologies.
Please treat this comments as an emphatically expression by a concerned stakeholders.
Fwdr Dr Eugene Nweke.

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