Anxiety Grips ANLCA Members As BOT Election Holds February 2020



The Board of Trustees (BOT) elections of the Association of Nigeria Licensed Customs Agents (ANLCA) would be holding in February next year 2020, DAILY TREND NEWS has reliably gathered.

The BOT of the foremost licensed Customs agents association has a tenure of six years, and a person can only be entitled to two tenures of twelve years.

Currently, the crisis that had engulfed the BOT of ANLCA for over one year now is yet to be resolved.

The power tussle among the 9-member board on who would be chairman of the board also snowballed into a national crisis for the National Executive Committee (NECOM)

Apparently knowing that the end has finally come for the BOT tenure, ANLCA National President, Tony Iju Nwabunike took the initiative and invited all suspended Western Zone executives and Chairmen back to the fold of the association.

Even though the administrators appointed hitherto by Tony Iju were not happy about his decision to pardon the chairmen, his move has been widely commended by stakeholders as ANLCA is now positioned on the part of peace once again.

However, our correspondent learnt that the five man faction of the BOT headed by Alhaji Taiwo Mustapha were not happy that the chairmen attended the meeting, pointing to an indication that some elements within the BOT were actually enjoying the crisis as it affords them opportunity to collect money from the helpless chapter chairmen.

A reliable source within ANLCA told our correspondent that “Some of the BOT members and Elders are beneficiaries of the prolonged crisis in the association, they never wanted it to be resolved, but thank God that the president used his initiative to bring everyone together”

“The western zone chairmen were equally tired of the protracted crisis, things were not moving on fine for everyone, the chapters were not working, Customs does not respect our words again, so we really commend Mr president for this move”

Barrister Raymond Oyimba, Chairman of ANLCA’s Association Electoral Committee (ASECO) confirmed to DAILY TREND NEWS at the weekend that the BOT elections would come up by February next year.

He said “According to our constitution, BOT elections come at AGM meetings, it doesn’t just come when ASECO organises it, it comes with an AGM”

“The tenure of the current BOT will expire in February 2020. From all indications, we couldn’t hold the AGM this year, I don’t think it would still hold this year, it would definitely come up next year, but we are yet to agree on the date”

“It is the NECOM that would fix the date, the person in charge of the election is Mr President.Every body in the association are now working together now” he confirmed.

Apparently, Chief Henry Njoku and Prince Taiye Oyeniyi, the two major actors in the BOT crisis would not be coming back into the board because they have both served two tenures.

Whether Alhaji Taiwo Mustapha, a factional chairman of the BOT would be coming back is another question.

There are speculations that Mustapha had bankrolled most of the BOT fights and lawsuits and that he is currently fed up with the whole fruitless spending.

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