ANLCA Kicks Against Reintroduction of Pre-shipment Inspection of Cargoes At Ports


Dr Kayode Farinto, Vice President of ANLCA

The Vice President, Association of Nigeria Licensed Customs Agents (ANLCA) Mr Kayode Farinto has kicked against the reintroduction of the pre-shipment inspection of cargoes at the port, alleging that some maritime stakeholders are already making moves and calling for the service providers to return to Nigerian ports.

The association in a statement sent to our correspondent at the weekend, Farinto commended the Nigeria Customs Service for conducting 100% physical examination on cargoes coming into Nigeria ports despite the challenge of lack of scanning machines.

He said those clamouring for reintroduction of the pre-shipment inspectors are agents of Neo Colonialists and that such clamour is done for pecuniary gain and intends to take Nigerian ports backward. 

According to him “Over fifty Billions of Naira, was paid to foreign companies under the guise of charging (1%) one percent of FOB Comprehensive imports Supervision Scheme (CISS) and we so know that many Nigerian are making money out of this”

“The population of Nigeria is over two hundred million according to the United Nation and the level of non conformist tend to be higher and as a result of this, re-introduction of the suspended pre shipment is not the solution to our problem”

“Despite the fact that there are no scanning machines at our ports, the Nigeria Customs Service through her (100%) One hundred percent examination of cargo has succeeded in intercepting and confiscating small and medium weapons valued at over 1 billion Naira, not to talk of psychotropic drugs and substances such as Tramodol”

“We are all living witnesses to the confiscation and destruction of over fourteen Billion Naira worth of Tramadol by the Nigeria Customs Service few weeks back” 

“Those that are clamouring for re-introduction of pre shipment inspectors intend taking us backward to the land of Egypt that we have left over five years ago”

“There are actually, pitfalls here and there are under destination inspection, but if the Federal Government can purchase new modern scanning machine, it will reduce the chances of importation of arms, ammunition and psychotropic drugs/substances”

“The World Customs Organization [WCO] frame work on Trade Facilitation never recommended pre-shipment inspectors as solution to challenges on non conformist importations”

“Furthermore, instead of allowing pre-shipment inspectors, the Federal Government should sponsor a bill through the National Assemblies giving the Nigeria Customs Service  (0.5%) of CBS as a morale booster in line with Arusha declaration and Kyoto convention. It will allow Nigeria Customs Service to increase the salaries and remunerations of her officers and men” 

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