NAGAFF Pursues CRFFN Accreditation for its Training Academy

Even as the Council for the Regulation of Freight Forwarding in Nigeria (CRFFN) has announced that any freight forwarder who is not registered by year 2021 would not be allowed to practice at Nigerian ports, the National Association of Government Approved Freight Forwarders (NAGAFF) has said it is pursuing CRFFN accreditation for its own academy.

Speaking with DAILY TREND NEWS at the NAGAFF headquarters in Apapa yesterday, its National President, Chief Increase Uche said the move to accredit the NAGAFF Academy was kick started years ago under the then registrar of CRFFN, Sir Mike Jukwe but the move was placed on hold.
He said NAGAFF at this time has pumped sufficient funds into resuscitating activities of the NAGAFF Academy, even as it is pursuing accreditation by the National Board for Technical Education (NBTE) in order to get full autonomy.

Increase revealed that the NAGAFF Academy is as old as NAGAFF itself and that its training programs is not in conflict with the ideals of the CRFFN, he explained that the academy is making use of the curriculum and standard established by the CRFFN, just lime with other approved training institutions under the Council.
Speaking, he said “There is no conflict between CRFFN training and NAGAFF training, we have been there, remember that CRFFN was also a baby of NAGAFF and other great minds, so NAGAFF Academy is as old as NAGAFF itself”

“So our own training as a body registered by CRFFN is to have our affiliation, we want to get our accreditation too from CRFFN just like the FUTO, Unilag, Redeemers university and others”

“We have already applied during Jukwe’s (former Registrar) time, but it was somehow put on hold,now we want to resuscitate it, as other institutions were accredited, so also we are going to be accredited by CRFFN”

“The training we are doing is not creating a parallel arrangement with CRFFN, the Council is to provide institutions that will train, so we want to be part of these institutions having been existing, we want to go into full swing of helping to train our members, in line with CRFFN” 

“We are using the FIATA module established by the CRFFN, its to help them imbibe the tenets of Freight Forwarding and make them efficient and practice in any part of the world”

DAILY TREND NEWS recalls that NAGAFF had recently appointed a Registrar, Mr. Francis Omotosho to administer its training academy. Omotosho was hitherto, a strong member of Association of Nigeria Licensed Customs Agents (ANLCA) and head of its Research and Training.
Continuing however, the NAGAFF President assured that the curriculum of FIATA is being followed at the academy, even by the accredited universities.

He said “We don’t want to continue to delay some of our members that want to move with time, at the end of the day, it is the CRFFN certificate that participants would carry”

“We are still resuscitating the academy, we are putting back the structures as they were before now, so the current state is that we have pumped in money to put the academy better than it was before now”

“There was never a time that NAGAFF Academy went into extinction completely, what happened was that we couldn’t fund it fully, it was being funded by the founder of NAGAFF, we only went into affiliation with Redeemers University, but now we want to come back fully and become independent, we have to register with NBTE, and build full autonomy so that we can  also be accredited by NUC and so on”

“The registration is in the pipeline, we have created and disbursed funds” he said

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