2 Die, Vehicles Burnt As Fire Guts Ijegun Community


Two persons, a male and a female have been burnt to ashes following a fire outbreak which engulfed Isheri area of Ijegun, a Lagos suburb, following activities of pipeline vandals who were syphoning fuel from the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) pipeline.

Eye witnesses confirmed that the fire started about 5am in the morning when residents where getting ready to go about their daily activities.

Residents were seen hanging outside with their belongings.

Vehicles and homes were also burnt. 

One resident claims that the fire started with a truck that came to siphon gasoline from the pipeline after others have left with their loot.  This truck fell down and by this time, pipeline was still open. This led to an uncontrollable fire.

Residents claim that this trucks come almost every night to siphon fuel and in some cases, they were confronted and stopped by the scrap collectors in the area who stay awake almost 24hours until they were moved.

Some residents said that the clearing of these scrap collectors was a way to allow these criminals to resume this activities rather than to condorn pipeline area.

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