NPA Helpless as Warri Indigenes Kill Delta Ports with N4,000 Illegal, Un-receipted Fee Collections At Port Gates


Managing Director of Nigerian Ports Authority, Mohammed Bello-Koko


There are indications that the un-ease of doing business at the Warri Ports in Delta State has taken a new dimension for the worse, further driving away stakeholders from patronising the port, even as the Nigerian Ports Authority (NPA) has reneged on its promises of bringing a new lease of life to the port.

DAILY TREND investigations revealed that communities around the port have taken over the port gates at Warri Port, collecting N2,000 illegal fee which is unreceupted from every truck that is exiting the port.

Our correspondent gathered that recently, the fee suddenly increased to N4,000, thereby causing chaos and pains for importers at the port.

According to a reliable source (names withheld) who is a senior official of the Maritime Workers Union of Nigeria (MWUN), the NPA gives son much emphasis to the communities around the port, and they have since taken over the port gates.

“How can these so called communities take over the port gate even to the Knowledge of NPA? They usually collect money from trucks leaving the port gates, but this morning we had a bitter experience

“A truck came to load cargo at Crown Flour Mill at Warri port, as the driver was coming out, before now they use to give the communities N2,000, but all of a sudden, they have increased it to N4,000 without informing anybody

“The driver begged them to collect the N2,000 with a promise to balance up the remaining money, this was around 5.30am when POS operators are yet to open. He urged them to write down his truck number and that they should stop him next time if he refuses to pay up

“The guy causing the confusion, his name is Obinna, he is not even a Itsekiri Indigene. For several hours, trucks were delayed at NPA gate as if they are the lord

“How can the port grow with all these types of rubbish that is being perpetrated by Indigenes of Delta Port? A money that is unreceipted being increased from N2000 to N4000, this is causing delay in exiting of cargoes from the port and importers are suffering huge losses.

Also speaking with DAILY TREND, another port user, Mr Kingsley Majemite, lamented that the kind of illegality happening at Warri Port gate can never be condoned at Lagos Ports.

“Now, how do these Indigenes expect investors to come and invest their money in Niger Delta Ports?

“The port manager here has tried severally to send these hoodlums away, but after dislodging them for a while, they usually find their way back

“The Federal Government needs to wake up from their slumber because Warri Port as far as Nigeria is concerned today, is a goldmine, but only Lagos is working and this is because of the activities of the communities who are lazy and are not ready to work

“We must not allow Delta Port to die, it is one of the goldmine where NPA is making good money apart from Apapa and Tincan Island Port. The NPA must not allow some individual interests to kill the port

“People are afraid to make use of the port because of all these, and the Ogiame, the Olu of Warri is not even is support of all these kinds of activities” Majemite stated

It is pertinent to report that apart from invasion of port gates by touts and encroahments, NPA has failed to solve the issue of the breakwaters to the port, which collapsed about ten years ago.

These has made it impossible for Warri Port to actually serve as a hub for activities in the south-south, and even some of the commercial centers in the south-east.

The Managing Director of NPA, Mohammed Bello-Koko had said that the Agency has observed a lot of encroachment, even on the path leading to the port and the need for NPA to take possession.

“If you drive away squatters and you don’t put those lands to use, that means you haven’t taken full possession.
They’re so large and probably too expensive to finance, so the best thing to do is to sit down and think of what commercial values they have.

“Also, we have a lot of court cases against encroachers, and I’ve asked that we should call each and every one of them for out-of-court settlements.
Some of the cases have been there for ten years, and it doesn’t really make sense; all parties are losing, and it’s about time we sit down and start negotiating so that those lands can be put to use” Bello-Koko had stated in an interview

7 thoughts on “NPA Helpless as Warri Indigenes Kill Delta Ports with N4,000 Illegal, Un-receipted Fee Collections At Port Gates

  1. Cheap blackmail. Develop and Open up Port. Forget this cheap blackmail . What’s the meaning of this ? This is how you guys demarket Warri and divert development projects elsewhere. Because of N4000 that you can not even substantiate you are de-marketing Warri Port. If you know the N4000 is illegal why can’t the Government stop it ?

    1. How are they remarketing it?. Have you been their to see it and confirm that it is not so?. If they had brought the force against them, it would cause clashes and innocent people will suffer. Think now, everything must not be based on sentiment.

  2. This is useless talk, completely useless. It is the work of guv to stop things like this, that is the exact reason we voted them in. If they claim the boys are too strong to be controlled then they step down and hand over to the boys. This is same issue we have with endless police extortion, drivers license issue, NIN, Discos overfilling, etc. What have the guv ever been able to control?

  3. All these illegal revenue drivers are springing up all over the place because of failure of the government of the day to provide leadership.
    The question is “What is the Delta government of Rt Hon. Oborevwori has for Delta State with regards to the ports and the blue economy? He needs to synergise with the NPA and all stakeholders to come to a workable solution. Especially with the NPA Western zone.
    All communities leadership expecially the Kings where the port is located to ensure the decisions of the government and stakeholders are executed without hindrances.

    1. Please reason properly are you aware of how many illegal money’s been paid by importers in Lagos ,mile 2 to TCIP only if you know would you know that this Warri debacle of 4000 is a lie.LASTMA collects 150k from truckers have that stopped Lagos port from growing

  4. We should forget about whose area the Warri port is, we don’t want any ethnic issue in Warri port. The only mega project for Delta State to rake in more IGR are the ports in Delta State, starting with Warri Port and later Koko and Sapele Ports. It is a failure on the part of the commissioner’s in charge of revenue. You can’t blame the Governor as he has men who are suppose to report to him , such men have failed should be removed from their post immediately. The name mentioned in the report, Obina is not from Warri and should be arrested, he is a criminal with his gangs. This issue will get to the Delta State of Assembly soon, I promise. The FG has equally failed as that is not how they run the Lagos Ports.

  5. Collins and Egajivwie
    If you go to the Port gate today, you will see them there. What is the useless talk to de-market the port are you guys talking about?
    Is it not TRUE?
    DON’T you see our our children harass even their brothers building in all our communities despite the government position on the issue.

    I strongly believe the governor MUST act and not leave this issue until it is stopped.
    Everybody MUST look for what to do and not sabotage our common good for personal gain.

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